Thursday, June 7, 2007

Time for Another FINISH

I admit it. I had to steal a little time this afternoon (when I should have been working on programming) to finish this. But most of it was stitched on the planes from Maui to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. In fact I got an extra hour in LAX because of some sort of unspecified security lockdown. At least we were sitting waiting in the plane rather than anxiously waiting in another terminal as some of the passengers on our flight were. But it did make our late night flight much, much later. We didn't get home until past 1:30 am. I'm still feeling a bit groggy.

I did change a lot of the threads in this one, especially the star (Kreinik #4 braid) and the ornaments (Rainbow Gallery Tiara). I modified a few letters to make them simpler to recognize. I also changed the button. The original button was a mitten. What is that about? It seemed much more appropriate to have a present. I got present buttons in several sizes, but my two favorites were a small green present with a red bow and this small red present with a green bow. In the end I opted for the red present and I really like it.

But now I can cut out and finish both ornaments. It won't get done this week, but probably some time in July. (AFTER the convention). I can stitch between now and the convention, but I don't want to start any projects (like finishing) that I can't put down at a moment's notice. Some of the stewardesses on the flights admired these ornaments, but one of them was very confused. She didn't think it was actually cross stitch, since to her it seemed too small of a stitch. She's probably only seen cross stitch on larger Aida. I tried to explain that this was cross stitch also, 28 count over two on opalescent linen. I don't think I convinced her. And I don't even think this is a very small gauge, especially since I am working on Flower Fairy on 32 count and other people have done project on 40 count ... over one!


Dawn said...

It looks great! Great job:)

Kendra said...

Oh I love both of those ornaments! And I think the present button looks a whole lot better than a mitten button would have.

prajantr said...

Congratulations on your finish. :)

I agree, the present looks very cute and goes much better than a mitten would have.

Hmm... I'm surprised the one stewardess thought the stitches were too small to be cross stitch. Maybe she's only ever seen Aida as you said or the large plastic frame projects?

Jennifer said...

Very cute!! I really like them both. And love the little present button!

Anna van Schurman said...

That picture on the Lizzie*Kate pattern doesn't do the piece justice--yours is so much cuter!

tkdchick said...

lovely ornies!