Monday, June 18, 2007

A Time of Frustration

Modern aviation is a marvelous thing. In less than a day you can leave your suburban home and find yourself in Paris or Tokyo or South Africa (OK, it takes more than 36 hours to get from San Francisco to Johannesburg). We love to fly and we fly a lot. I can cope with flight delays, flight cancellations, bad airline food, overpriced airport food, and heavy weather. But there is one situation that drives me crazy. LOST LUGGAGE. Especially when it cannot be found by the airline system for over 24 hours. Especially when we have traveled to Lexington, Kentucky, twice in the last six months and BOTH times our luggage has been lost for over three days. Especially when we have no clean clothes, no toothbrushes or toothpaste (too dangerous to carry on board you know), and no card reader to upload photos. It certainly makes me reconsider our loyalty to United Airlines, especially when more people lost their luggage on a flight from Denver to Cincinnati than actually GOT their luggage. Our luggage (according to their website) might still be in Denver. According to a human being in India, it might be in Cincinnati and might be on a Delta flight to Lexington this afternoon. No guarantees.

Clothing is replaceable, but I also packed most of my stitching. If my luggage is not found I have lost the new French stitching that I just kitted up, the 95% finished April ornament, and the new June ornament that I am supposed to stitch this weekend. I do have Flower Fairy, which I have only added a few stitches to. I brought it to stitch on the plane, but I slept on and off during both flights. I have been working on the convention around the clock for the past five days. I've still have a lot to do for it today.

When we do get our luggage I will be able to upload some pictures of stitching, both mine and from my husband's family. I have been waiting to show this off since I started this blog.


Jennifer said...

Oh, that is really awful. I'm so sorry! I hope it turns up soon.

Dawn said...

How terrible! I hope the luggage shows up:)

Chiasmata said...

Ick. Modern travel is a wonderful thing. I hope you get everything back as soon as possible. Maybe you should ask the airline company if you can claim extra frequent flyer miles via your baggage?

Pam said...

Any word on the luggage? Sure hope so. To think that all that stitching is in limbo, that's scary.

Kendra said...

That's one of the things that always makes me nervous when I fly - my checked luggage getting lost!

Hopefully it turns up ASAP!

Susan said...

I flew United last year from Bismarck to Burbank, through Denver. The people were so rude to me at each airport, that I decided I'll walk before I ever fly them again. They are the only ones out of Bismarck, so I won't be flying anywhere in the summer.

I was so used to the employees of Southwest, polite, filled with humor, that I was shocked. It sounds like the inefficiency rating would be very high for them, too! Isn't it amazing that you have to get yourself and luggage to the airport so boringly far ahead of time, and they still can't get it on the right plane? I hope they get your luggage to you!