Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As Finished as It Will Be

... for a while. I did stitch the entire top band and a little ways down the right side. Most of the left side of the present is also done. If you click to expand the picture you should see the stitching better. I also experimented with a "random" twill for the center of the bow. I think it looks fine, but it's pretty hard to see in this picture. Although I still like stitching on this, I think I will move on to something else tomorrow. Even though I changed to lighter weight threads, tugging the threads through this canvas is taking a toll on my fingers.

The patterns that I brought with me are Flower Fairy, Topiary IV (another red and metallic and black project), a different Bent Creek Sheep, a freebie lighthouse sampler, and an orange/brown pumpkin project for the August/September Project Spectrum colors of orange, purple, and brown. I suppose I should keep going on one of my WIPs instead of starting something completely new, but the New is always more exciting. If I start the pumpkins I might even finish them before the end of September, since they are small.

Then again, maybe I will just spend the day reading Harry Potter VII. Not! Too many other projects to do, but now that my husband has finished the book, I can read it. At least he is good about keeping the spoilers to himself. It is cloudy and very, very humid here. I hope I can spend most of the day in air conditioning.


Jennifer said...

It's coming along great! Be warned that the Deathly Hallows is hard to put down! :)

Itching To Stitch said...

This looks really nice ;)