Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back to Normal

Just for reference, here is Flower Fairy. I've finished most of the leaves on the left hand side. I think I'm going to start some of the other colors besides green now. Maybe I'll start doing some pink on her wings or start her face and hair.

If I was really interested in keeping up with Project Spectrum, I should work on my Hillside Ornament. But I have to admit that it might have become a UFO almost immediately after being started. The piece has been sitting unstitched for so long that I really don't want to go back to it now. I could start my French cross stitch, Rouge, but I don't want to start anything new either.

I feel that I can take some time and stitch now, since I got sleep last night, unpacked my suitcase, and have washed most of my clothes. I also planned the next two trips we will be taking to Maui and Japan. The reports from Live Journal about the convention have been very positive, so I am feeling happy about the whole thing. Here is a video of the skit my husband wrote for Opening Ceremonies. I warn you, though, it's full of in jokes about voting procedures. The audience loved it, but it might just be confusing for people who aren't used to an "Australian" (preferential) ballot.

I am stitching today and tomorrow, then going to the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market (the best I have ever been to) Saturday morning. We head out to the airport Saturday afternoon and return to Las Vegas after being gone for three weeks. We will actually be there for almost three weeks before we have to come back to San Francisco to hang our photography show at the Peninsula Museum of Art.


Jennifer said...

You're such jetsetters! I love it. :) Flower Fairy is looking great. Can't wait to see other colors worked in, too.

Itching To Stitch said...

You have a great start to Flower Fairy ;)