Saturday, July 14, 2007

Christmas Ornaments FINISHED and Un

Here is my April Christmas Ornament SAL finished. Yes, I finished my March ornament in April, my April Ornament in July, and two ornaments for May (one finished in June). You last saw Woodland Snowfall in the beginning of May. The reason this one did not get finished sooner was simply that I didn't have the right sized Q-snaps. My only travel set of 8" Q-snaps was cannibalized to make an 8" x 11" set for Flower Fairy. Yes, I had another 8" set, but only in Nevada (buried under a bunch of other stuff). It was only as I was cleaning up things that I found my backup set of 8" Q-snaps and decided right away to use them. I only had 13 stitches left to do (and of course the finishing finish which might actually happen next week when I drag out my sewing machine again). I am glad I finished this rather than start on another new project.

In the spirit of finishing I went back and worked on my June Ornament from Hillside Samplings, Topiary Ornament IV. From my last post on this stitching, I wasn't sure I would ever take it up again. This also suffered from not having the proper size of Q-snaps. The 8" set is just a little too big for the fabric included in this kit. The 6" set shown in the photo cuts off part of the bottom of the design, but at least holds the fabric taut. There is a lot more stitching here than meets the eye as all of the ecru stitches are actually Smyrna stitches (double crosses). I don't know if you can actually tell from this picture, but the right most black crosses in Gentle Arts Black Crow are actually dark blue. Yes, there is some varigation on this thread, but only about an inch of navy in every eighteen inches of thread. Stick to DMC 310.

I finally had to stop because my iPod finally ran out of juice. I've been running it for hours every day as I have been stitching. Now it is time to change loads in the washing machine and pack up the chicken meat from the double chicken stock I have been making all day. Some dinner is also in order.


Cindy said...

Your Woodland Snowfall ornament is wonderful! It is great to see this one stitched up...I'm going to add it to my "to do" list. The pics in the magazine just don't do them justice sometimes :)

I have noticed the same thing about GAST Black Crow looking more navy than black sometimes, especially when you look at it up close!

Jennifer said...

They both look great! Woohoo for a finish and upcoming finishing! :) I like the stitches in that second ornament a lot.

Itching To Stitch said...

Love your Christmas ornament and your Topiary ornament is looking great ;)

stitcherw said...

Love the ornament, the little squirrels are so cute. Congrats on a lovely finish.

I've used Black Crow in the past as well and noticed the same thing. When it is called for on a future project I'll also just use 310.

Susan said...

I love the little blackbird in the ornament. Great job, and who cares if it is done when it was planned, it's done!

Trish said...

Very nice ornie! I never noticed that one before and now I want to stitch it too!

You're making wonderful progress on everything. - Keep up the good work!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish. Your WIP is coming along nice, too.

Thanks for your comments in re: to my house buying.

Sherry said...

I absolutely LOVE the woodland ornament!! Please tell me where I can get the chart for it! You did such a wonderful job on this piece!