Monday, July 9, 2007

Did I Ruin Her?

When I had finished stitching in the hot pink Petite Treasure Braid on her wings, I was afraid I had made a mistake. The rest of the piece was in pastel shades and this hot pink seemed to overwhelm the piece. But look at what I was substituting for -- DMC 839, Dark Brown. I never thought these dark brown squares (which should probably be quarter or three quarter crosses anyway) looked right. Even if the hot pink was so much darker (and brighter) than the rest of the piece, they were still better than dark brown.

Then I started to fill in the stitches around them and the pink started to settle down and blend. When I get to stitching some of the DMC pinks, I think it will blend even better. It has to be better than the brown, which is still stitched on the bottom of the piece as the ground. Besides, I really need a piece of Shiny in most of my stitching.

I usually don't stitch whites until I am almost finished with a piece. I am paranoid about getting them dirty by dragging them around everywhere. But I should still be in Nevada when I finish this piece (maybe next week?), so I decided to finish the flowers on the left. I even think I will backstitch them when the cross stitching is done. I am tired of them looking like lumps. Plus there is SO MUCH backstitching, I think I will follow the example of other stitchers and do some as I go along rather than waiting for it all at the end.

On the flight to Las Vegas I stitched a lot more of the green on the right. It is just easier to stitch large blocks of color than confetti stitch while traveling. I rarely frog for miscounting, as I stitch slowly and count and recount. But I had to frog a bit when I didn't notice a large knot on the back. Usually I feel for knots as I stitch, but this time I missed it.

I had to stop and get more podcasts before I could stitch again this morning. I have over 300 queued up to listen to, but I find I would rather listen to my favorites, than some of the ones I have downloaded and now no longer care for. I should probably just delete the ones I am not listening to, as I do the ones I have heard, but I haven't yet. Just like my stash, I tell myself I will get to them Sometime.

Tomorrow you might want to skip over another technology post from me. I should get my new iPhone tomorrow afternoon and I want to blog about the many adventures I had getting it. I should have another stitching post on Wednesday. Meanwhile, back to stitching!


Chiasmata said...

Progress on flower fairy is looking great. I've never seen someone stitch each colour as they go, so it's interesting to watch. I'm more of a block stitcher myself.

I like your sparkle substitute. Some of the flower fairy designs I've stitched have some odd colours too, I often change 'em around a bit.

Have fun playing with your iPhone!

Jennifer said...

It looks great!! I really like the pink.

And I can't wait to hear about the iPhone! I waaaaaaaaant one!! :)

Itching To Stitch said...

I think she looks great. What is this iPhone thing anyways? I'm so behind the times when it comes to technology ;)

Susan said...

I think she looks just fine. It's the current contrast that makes it seem brighter, but I really agree, it has to be better than the brown.

I'll be interested in your iPhone adventure!

prajantr said...

She's looking lovely. I think the pink gives a nice amount of contrast without being too much. I agree too that once you add more fo the other shades of pink that it'll blend nicely.

Barbeeque4 said...

The pink is a very good sub for the brown!! The piece is coming along nicely. Can't wait to hear about the iPhone.