Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a Tree!

Yes, it is a tree. Now all it needs is a stand, all the Algerian eyelets on the back, and finishing into an ornament. And when I finish all that I will have a July Christmas Ornament SAL and a project for June/July Project Spectrum (red, black, metallic). But it won't be finished this week.

No, this is Going Through Papers Week. I go through as much snail mail as I can when we are here, but inevitably there are always some magazines and newspapers left unread. They all get shoved into a box until I come back, when more leftovers are shoved on top of the old leftovers. Repeat until there are several boxes, then declare an Uncluttering Week and have at them. No more stitching until I empty four boxes. Some boxes are easy and others take days. I never know until I start going through them. This is a good time to Go Through Papers since I dropped my husband off at the airport at O' Dark O'Clock this morning. He went up to San Francisco to hang his photography in a group show. He'll be back Thursday night, but that gives me two days plus to spread out.

I also need to take some time out to read the Hugo short fiction nominees. They are all online. The final ballot is due the end of the month. I've read all the novels and seen all the Long Form drama. I know who I will vote for in those categories and have a suspicion about some the short forms, too. But I need to read them to see. Hope you all have a productive week, too.


Jennifer said...

It looks great! Good luck with Uncluttering Week!

Itching To Stitch said...

Love your tree ornament ;)

Chiasmata said...

Lovely little ornament. :) Good luck with the organising too.

Ruth said...

Dang, Kathryn -- Uncluttering, Hugoing, AND stitching? How do you do it?????