Friday, July 27, 2007

Saved by a Crossed Stitch

Here's how much I finished on this by Tuesday afternoon. I know it is hard to tell what is stitched and what isn't, but I finished some white and black across the top band and most of the red present on the left side. If I can finish the present and the bands by the end of the month (leaving the white background for later), I will post it on Project Spectrum.

I said that it was complex to chose the right threads and the right stitches for needlepoint. Now in a detailed section like this one, a simple tent stitch is all that you can do. And if ALL the stitches are tents, they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

But what if some of your stitches are not tents (like a twill stitch)? Tent stitches don't fit together with the twill stitches. I suppose I could have stitched the white spiral as a twill also, but I was worried about coverage. The answer is demonstrated in the bottom spiral. I turned those tent stitches into cross stitches and now I have good coverage and a similar "weight" to both stitches. If you look closely you will see that I haven't covered every bit of canvas with thread. I'd rather keep the rhythm of the twill pattern than try to jam a few more stitches into the spiral. And with the canvas a matching color to the red twill thread, you can hardly tell that the canvas is showing. This won't be a cushion, so I won't have to worry about catching the threads or showing wear.

I went to the Status Thimble this afternoon and picked up enough Pebbly Perle to finish this out (and a backup spool of red Neon Rays). I get to work on this while my husband is at his artists' reception this evening and probably a lot again tomorrow. On Sunday we have the reception for our foundation show. We spent the last two days hanging the show and this morning giving a Docent Tour, so we could explain the images and techniques to the people who will be asked the most questions over the next three months. The show looks good!


Jennifer said...

It looks great! I think you're right - that the combination of stitches you chose looks better than trying to cover every square mm.

Dawn said...

It looks wonderful! Have a good weekend.

Itching To Stitch said...

You're doing a great job ;)

Ruth said...

Wow, Kathryn, the canvas is looking great! Here's wishing you a wonderful show!!!

stitcherw said...

Your present is coming along great. I like how you showed the different stitches up close so could see that the twill stitch and the tent stitch needed some adjusting to work. I've not done needlepoint, but if I do some in the future (there are so many cute canvases) I'll keep the idea of changing to a crossstitch for filling in mind.