Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

This week’s SBQ was suggested by The Blonde Librarian and is:

Do you consider yourself a “floss miser?”

I try not to be, but I can't help myself. I probably just don't want to thread up the needle again. I know I have lots of thread left, but if I can just stitch out those last couple of crosses, I can stop or change to another color. It takes an act of will power to leave an inch or more of thread to be tucked under or cut off. Then when I am done with a project, I save all the extra thread. Will I ever use it? Probably not. Too bad we can't do a "scrap cross stitch" as quilters do scrap quilts from their bits of fabric left from larger projects.

I haven't stitched in over a week. I've done nothing but recovered from the last trip and worked on the convention. I got people's schedules organized, made sure the rooms had the right setups, participated on some panels, and made sure that our Guests of Honor were happy. The convention has gone well, but I am so relieved that it is almost over. We just have Closing Ceremonies in half an hour, then the Dead Dog party this evening. By this time tomorrow I will be back in the city and sleeping for a week or two. Then we will start all over again and do the same things for next year in Las Vegas. At least I can get back to stitching.

I will never again complain about problems in traveling. It looks like most everyone will lose their luggage this year. Many people traveling to this convention did. And while I was sleeping in Chicago, my hairdresser was robbed at gunpoint at her salon. She had two clients with her and one of them ran away. The robber shot at the fleeing customer, but luckily missed. My hairdresser was so upset that she is changing salons to one more secure and private. I can't blame her. She was also astounded that the gang robbery got so little response from the police. It seems gang violence is escalating, even in sleepy California suburbs. It didn't even make the local papers.


Jennifer said...

That's awful!! I hope she's doing ok. Glad to hear you'll have some time to recuperate and stitch!

stitcherw said...

I tend to hoard the little loose ends as well. However, once or twice (especially when it is a kit) I've needed that tiny bit I had left for an odd stitch or two, then I was glad I hadn't thrown it out.

So sorry to hear about your hairdresser, how scary to have that happen. Violence all over does seem to be escalating, there doesn't seem to be anywhere safe anymore.

Susan said...

What horrible happenings! So glad the shooter missed!

Give your floss leftovers to a crazy quilter. We don't need much for a seam. =)