Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Suggested by Dani, this week’s SBQ is:

Have you ever thought of getting a rider on your household insurance to properly cover your stash (some of us have quite an extensive stash that an average household policy wouldn’t fully cover) in the case of some sort of damage to your house that would destroy/ruin charts, fabrics, floss, etc?

Well, no. Yes, I have a lot of stash. Yes, we have extra insurance riders, but even with as much stash as I have, it wouldn't come close to the amount we would lose of art and electronics. We have been collecting vintage photography and modern paintings for dozens of years. Some of what we have bought quite cheaply is now worth quite a bit more. We also own a lot of computers, cameras, and gadgets of all types. I'd hate to lose my finished pieces, but threads and fabrics are commodities and can always be replaced.

The art reception went well, but took a lot of time and energy. No chance to work on the Red Present today. Looks like it won't be finished before the end of the month. Maybe knitters (the main participants of Project Spectrum) can finish projects faster than stitchers. I finished Winter in two months, but barely finished Pineapple Quilt (a very small needlepoint) in two months and don't know if I will be able to finish anything orange, purple and/or brown in the next two months. I certainly didn't finish Flower Fairy in April/May! I still have multiple projects left over from each two month color spectrum. Maybe if I start them now, I will finish them before Project Spectrum starts over again next year. ;-)


Jennifer said...

Glad your reception went well!

I was browsing some of the pictures over at Project Spectrum and I think it's such a neat idea!

Chiasmata said...

I agree with you about the stash. It's just not the most vital thing to loose. Glad the reception went well.

You always seem to be chasing Project Spectrum goals. Needlework definitely is one of the more labour intenstive ways to go about it. :)