Monday, August 13, 2007

Brought to You by the Letters L and M

Just two letters today while the installer connected our television cable to our home theater. Yes, we have achieved television, something that many of you can get with a mere antennae. Well, Hawaii is full of mountains, so it is cable or satellite dish. We also achieved pots for the sealing wax palms, rugs, barstools, carpeting, and ordered a mailbox. Only half the list, but quite a full day none the less.


M is for Movies

When I started classes at Northwestern University, I also needed to take a few classes outside the Engineering College. I tried a section in theater, but I was outclassed by the actors who would someday go on to star in movies and on stage. I took a few English classes (once telling a professor of Greek that Homer was a terrible storyteller.) But I found a home in the film department. My parents had spent a lot of time going to art house theaters and watching European films by Renoir, Truffaut, and Bergman. The head of the film department at Northwestern was a fan of American movies. I took classes on The Western, Film Noir, Political Films, basically any film class I could find time for. I also volunteered to run the 35mm projectors for the Film Society and learned to watch for the reel change cues and switch projectors at the proper moment, surely a lost talent today. I took a class from Roger Ebert on the films of Russ Meyer. I bought a Super 8 camera and didn't finish a terrible movie that I was working on for a class. I was immersed in movies. As I got more involved in my career, I spent less time watching movies, but I was still aware of the influential movies of the time. I really came back to watching movies often when I found a store in California that rented laser disks. We still have a Pioneer 4 sided laser disk player (that we never use anymore) and a hundred or so laser disks. I never saw the point in buying VHS tapes that might only last five years until the magnetic particles fell off the tape, but we did start buying DVDs. In 2001 we discovered Netflix, where I have rated 1500+ movies. I am still an eclectic movie viewer. I like some big budget blockbusters (Independence Day, Twister, and Lord of the Rings), but not most of the comic book based ones (Superman, Spiderman, and Batman) or those by Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor). I have some favorite indie directors (Kevin Smith, Richard Linklater, the Coen brothers) and dislike some favored directors (Spielberg and Lucas). We watched Howl's Moving Castle and 300 this week. When we get back to Nevada we have The Last King of Scotland and The Fountain waiting for us.


Sherry said...

Your sampler is coming right along and it sounds like you have accomplished quite a bit!

Dawn said...

Yay for the television! I understand your frustrations. I am surround by the mountains, too. We can't even get decent cell phone reception here.

Itching To Stitch said...

What a cute piece, a couple of more service men to wait for and you'll be finished ;)

Jennifer said...

Looking great! Roger Ebert on Russ Meyers, huh? I bet that was fascinating.

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