Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's Official!

I hate this pattern. I was very worried when I started stitching the "Medium Pumpkin" (DMC 920). It seemed almost the same shade as the "Dark Brown" (DMC 938) of the pumpkin ribs. Well, I thought, when I get to the center parts "Light Pumpkin" (DMC 326) maybe this will start looking more like a pumpkin. Nope, this looks like a brown blob. You can hardly tell the pumpkin from the stem.

I thought it would look like THIS! See, nice and orange with slightly brown ribbing. First I wondered if it was a translation problem. The chart is listed for Anchor thread, but there is a conversion for DMC. But on checking other Anchor to DMC charts, I see that the threads specified for Anchor match those from DMC exactly. So no matter what thread you stitch with you get a brown blob and not a pumpkin. Phooey. I'm not sure what to do with it. I could just keep going or I could completely start over with totally different threads and fabric. I can't do anything about it here, so I will probably go back to another project tomorrow.


D is for Databases

OK, this is not a very ordinary word. But it is a word that has defined my life. When I first started studying Computer Science, I learned several programming languages as most CS students do. But I was lucky enough to have several interesting jobs where we had to track huge amounts of data. A simple file will not do when you have several million records. You need software to keep track of all these records and find them quickly when you want a particular record. When I worked at Lane Country in Eugene, Oregon, they had a lot of money from timber taxes and bought IBM's largest computers to keep track of every inch of road in the county, and this is not a small county. In New Zealand I worked for the Department of Health tracking everything from employees to buildings to the first comprehensive complete patient records for an entire country. When I moved back to the United States, I worked for Tymshare and did customer support and training for several different database products. Which finally led me to my last job at Oracle Corporation, now the largest database software vendor in the world.

Even after I left Oracle, I kept up my database knowledge, this time on personal computers rather than large mainframes supporting hundreds of users. Whenever a club needed to keep a membership list, I whipped up a database for it. I even wrote a database to take cat show entries and produce catalogs and judging sheets. Today, I have a thread/fabric/pattern database, a database for my cookbooks, one for my science fiction books, one for producing program items and panels for conventions, and one for our foundation. If I ever need to keep track of more than ten items, I will probably create a database for it.


Itching To Stitch said...

Sorry about your pumpkin. Isn't it just so frustrating when that happens ;)

BLGH said...

I like your pumpkin. But, it sure is difficult to stitch something that you don't like.

Brenda NC

stitcherw said...

Your pumpkin does look more brown than the one in the pattern picture, but it still looks like a pumpkin to me (and I can see the definition between the sections). However, I have a couple of pieces I've done where I could hardly see any contrast between colors, but in the picture you could. Funny how the camera or scanner can change colors and shading.

Hope you can find a solution to your pumpkin so that you can like the pattern better. It is so frustrating to have put the time and effort into something and have it not come out the way you'd like.

Chiasmata said...

Ick. I hate it when your stitching doesn't reflect the colours on the packet. There's a line of mini kits I've learned to avoid completely because they have the same problem. Using your own DMC is even more frustrating. When was the chart printed? I think I remember hearing that some colours have changed a little in the last few years due to EU chemical restrictions.

Kathy said...

Your pumpkin looks like one to me. I have found that pictures very seldom look like the actual stitched piece. Most times they come out lighter. Many times when things are finished or framed something white or light colored is used as a backing plus the light on the design make it a lighter color. I think it looks like a pumpkin. I once did one that I thought looked like a tomato when I got it done. I think it will be fine once finished.

Meari said...

The pumpkin doesn't look like the scan, but I think the finished product looks nice.