Friday, August 3, 2007

An Itty, Bitty Bit of Stitching

I only got a small bit of stitching done this morning. We went out this afternoon to do some errands, but ended up in a two hour traffic jam. Unfortunately this is rather common when the only road in and out of your town is thirty miles of twisty coastal road. Still if I stitch every day, I will get this finished. Hopefully finished this month.


C is for Conventions

I suppose most stitchers will pick cross stitch for C, but conventions are such a huge part of our life, that it is always the first C word that comes to mind. I've known about science fiction conventions for a long, long time. Their schedules were published in the science fiction magazines and reviews of the wonderful folk who came to them were also listed. I do like to have books autographed, so I knew that one day I would try one out. I finally saw a listing for a local SF convention in November, 1983, in San Jose, California. Since we were living in Cupertino, just fifteen minutes away, we signed up for membership for the very first Baycon. We both had such a great time, that not only did we sign up for the next Baycon (moved permanently to Memorial Day weekend), but we also got a hotel room there so that we would not waste time commuting back and forth. Attending conventions led to volunteering, then led to going to SF conventions in other cities (our first World Science Fiction Convention was in Anaheim in 1984) and other countries (England, Scotland, Australia and Japan). Many of our friends run science fiction conventions and both my husband and I have been Division Managers and Chairmen.

But science fiction conventions are not our only conventions. I used to man booths at conventions like NCC and Comdex (both now defunct) for various software companies I worked for. We have been to Paris Photo and the Association of International Photography Art Dealers [AIPAD] in New York City. We now go to CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January and MacWorld in San Francisco in January. My husband goes to Tiki Oasis and the American Association of Museums. Our calendar is pretty well dominated by conventions, from small ones in San Diego to huge ones like Worldcon in August/September. We even go to SMOFcon, the convention for convention runners every December.


Sherry said...

I can't wait to see this piece completed!

Itching To Stitch said...

When I first looked at your "C" word, I thought it said Contention and I thought, oh no, we have a contentious stitcher on our hands, and then I realized it said Conventions.

Love your pumpkin ;)