Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Pumpkin

I stitched a bit more than this, but isn't this the perfect pumpkin just the way it is? I actually quit stitching yesterday because the thread I was stitching with developed a horrific knot. Do you try to unknot your threads or do you just cut the thread and start again cleanly? Most of my knots come out with just a tug at the right place, but this knot was determined to be stubborn. Just before I was ready to give up and cut the knot out, it gave up and straightened out.

Here is where I stopped today. I really can't stitch this without bright sunshine. The last few stitches were put in as the sun was going down. Even though I don't think I will ever stitch another over one on linen (the threads are too variable), I do like stitching this pattern. Maybe it is just the colors, all browns and oranges. Though there aren't any colors I don't like stitching as long as there is a variety. I'll have to look for some more pumpkin patterns when I get back to Nevada.


B is for Books

When I decided to start this meme, I worried that I wouldn't find le mot juste (just the right word). I even thought I would have to start a list in advance, but as I was thinking about A yesterday and B this morning, I knew I had just the right word in front of me.

I have always loved books. My friend Mark calls us abibliophobic, afraid to be caught without a book. I started reading by the time I was four years old. My mother was reading out loud to me from the complete set of Oz books by Frank Baum. My grandfather had bought them all for my mother as they were published by Macmillan Books, the company that he worked for. My mother didn't have time to read to me ten hours a day, so I started sounding words out and reading them to myself. I had a library card by the time I was six, but my mother had to check books out for me from the "adult" section. When I was nine I discovered science fiction. My first SF book was Heinlein's Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, which actually has a female protagonist. I didn't know how rare that was. My future career in computer science was even influenced by Asimov's stories of Susan Calvin, positronic brain engineer.

My library now is still mostly science fiction, many of them signed by my favorite authors. But I also have over 700 cookbooks. I started collecting them when I was traveling for business. I didn't want to bring home just some dusty trinket from all my travels, so I started buying a cookbooks from every country I visited. After I stopped working, I thought that I might collect every Hawaiian cookbook ever published. I have about 150, but have stopped trying to collect them all. Most of them were bought on Ebay, which also led me to buy books on California cookery, Southern regional cookbooks, and finally food history. I no longer collect cookbooks, but I do read food history now and then. I also have a lot of travel books and mysteries and books about Silicon Valley, not to mention dozens of computer manuals and books. For what I am reading now you can always check my LibraryThing list at the bottom of the right hand column.


Sherry said...

Loving how the pumpkin is looking and coming along! I need good bright sunlight to stitch by also.

Dawn said...

Love the pumpkin!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your pumpkin is growing nicely ;)

Jennifer said...

The pumpkin looks lovely! LOL @ abibliophobic. That's great! Sounds like you have a fantastic cookbook collection!

Susan said...

The pumpkin is great - love it! Now I'm wondering what goes with it. If the knot comes out easily, I pull it out, but if it's being a pain, I have no patience, and I cut it and figure out a way to make the thread work, even if I have to take out a stitch or two.

Abibliophobic would describe me, my dh, and my older son perfectly.