Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Stitching Pictures

On a glorious day with blue skies and the blue ocean beckoning, what was I doing? Ironing. We bought some new bedding to spruce up the house we are trying to sell. Of course, right out of the packaging it is wrinkled, so a-ironing I went. We also assembled a dining room table and chairs. We have an appointment with another Realtor at 9 am tomorrow morning. I told him we want to price this house aggressively low and get it sold. After meeting with the Realtor, we need to do a million errands -- carpeting for one room, pots for some palm trees, a mailbox, some closet organizers, rugs, small tables, a bedroom set, and hopefully, the home theater installer will hook up our cable television. It's almost always this chaotic the day before we leave for the mainland. We will be back in September with another long list of things to do. Maybe somewhere on it we will put snorkeling.


L is for Libraries

I learned to read by borrowing books from libraries. I was always haunting the science fiction section looking for the latest releases. One of the difficult things about living in New Zealand was that libraries cost money! It was 10 cents per day to rent a book, when I was spending no more than a dollar a day for lunch. The next time you visit a free library, thank Andrew Carnegie. Although I no longer rely on public libraries for most of my reading material, I do have a Las Vegas library card. When we were having monthly meetings in the main library, I always got some books to read. Now I have my own libraries, shelved by topic and author's last name. I even have databases for my books, though I don't keep track of them via the Dewey decimal system, which my husband used to do when he was younger.


Sherry said...

Good luck with the new realator and getting the house sold fast! Ironing is good but I use the dryer for tumbling or wrinkle realese spray when I can!

Kendra said...

I don't take "free" libraries for granted anymore...where we used to live, the libraries were township-based. The particular township we lived in didn't have a library building, and we would have had to pay about $100 a year to visit a neighboring township library. STUPID!

Thankfully where we live now, we have a wonderful county library. They're closed right now as they're moving into their new building, but I'm itching for them to re-open...I need some more books to read!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful home! Hope it sells quickly!!

mmahessh said...

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