Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Letter to Go...

I suppose I could have done the Z on this sampler, but instead I wanted to start the lighthouse. Now comes the trickier parts. The lighthouse sits on some rocks and is bordered by a line of ocean. I have been letting the variegated threads fall where they may, but now I want the rocks to be gray and the water to be blue. I'll have to do some stopping and starting. But I might actually get this done before I leave. Now, just the question of what to take to Japan.

The meal at Bouchon last night was memorable! Not only was the food exquisite but the service (waiter, wine steward, maitre d', buspeople) was exceptional. We never pass up the absinthe production -- liquor poured over flaming sugar. James had oysters and french onion soup to start and I had the foie gras in duck consommé. I ordered trout almandine (with delicious harcourt verte) and James had the special sea bass. But it was the desserts that really made this special. I had the Bouchon "brownies", cylinders of crispy dark chocolate cake on a pool of Valhrona sauce with decadent homemade deeply vanilla ice cream. James had three marvelous cheeses with honey, pinor noir grapes, and toasted walnut bread. That was certainly enough, but all of a sudden the waiter produced three more desserts for our anniversary - coffee pot du creme, lemon tarte, and cherry ice cream and mousse in a chocolate shell! We couldn't finish it all, but we did finish the wonderful bottle of Austrian wine and the muscat dessert wine. We will certainly be back again this year (though without the extra desserts.)

On another note, my passport arrived last Thursday. This is a relief! I guess I have to go to Japan now. I don't like the design near as well as the old passport design. Also, instead of saying that it was issued in Honolulu, it just says that it was issued by the Department of State. James' passport was issued in London.


Q is for Quilting

I have only made one quilt in my life, a baby quilt for my nephew's new daughter. But I have had a subscription to Quilter's Newsletter Magazine for over ten years. I have probably 100 yards of quilting fabric in my stash. I have visited over a dozen quilt shows both local and international. I know I want to start some larger quilts, but it seems as if I will never have the time. Just getting out my fabrics and deciding on a pattern would take more time than I have in my few days in Nevada each time we come here. I want to make a commitment to make a quilt next year. Then besides using my stitching stash, I will also start using my fabric stash. I hope I can do this.

R is for Retail Therapy

I thought about using R for Remodeling, but there is not much remodeling (or building) in my foreseeable future. We need to sell some houses first and run a convention.

I am not a shopaholic. I can go through a store without buying anything. In fact, I don't spend much time shopping in person at all. I have too many other things to do. But I do enjoy shopping. Every long trip is an excuse to buy some new clothes. I meant to do some clothes shopping yesterday, but we have postponed that until tomorrow. We have been buying things for the cottage we want to sell furnished. That has been a lot of fun. Actually a lot of my shopping has been done right here at the computer. I spend a lot of time on (can't run out of books), Penzey's Spices, Land's End (I wear a lot of tshirts), and, of course, online needlework shops. In fact, I recently got a package from Victoria Clayton of her random samples that includes a lovely bright orange, just what I need when I restart the Tiny Pumpkin Trio.


Chiasmata said...

Coming along nicely. Looks like there's quite a sudden change between colours, at least in the scan.

Glad to hear you have a fantastic anniversary dinner. It sounds like they really spoiled you!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your piece looks real pretty, I don't know how you stopped at the "Z" though, I would have to have finished it ;)

Pam said...

I am intrigued by your progress on this little freebie. Care to share designer/title info on it? I have a weakness for lighthouses!

Mary Ellen said...

Love your sampler. It's so tricky to decide what to take on a trip... the materials you can take to work on in your airplane seat are so limited now. Another negative of air travel (used to be so fun, sigh...)