Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Strangely Enough

instead of working on a WIP, I started a new project. I started a new project over one on 32 count fabric using a single thread choice for the entire project. I might have mentioned that blackwork (and redwork) and other single thread color projects are not my favorites. But at least this project is small and the thread is a variegated thread from Weeks Dye Works.

How did I choose this project? Well, like many of you I have collected a few freebie patterns. Probably fewer than many of you, but I do have some. However, I have never stitched a single freebie. I thought it was about time. After working on the brown pumpkin I needed a project that could provide some "instant" gratification. There is something about finishing a letter that just makes you think, "DONE!"

Another reason for picking this pattern was to use up some discontinued Weeks Dye Works colors. When I added all my Weeks Dye Works colors into the database, I noticed that there were some new colors and some discontinued colors. Of all the discontinued colors there were three of them that I really liked. So I went online and ordered them while stores still had them in stock. That still left a dozen or more colors that I didn't like enough to stock up on, but I didn't dislike enough to throw away. What to do? Find a pattern that would use a discontinued color! (In this case WDW 2116, Blue Fescue, a mixed blue and gray.) So I started this single color freebie sampler.

This is a pretty small sampler with a lighthouse in the lower left hand corner and no backstitching. :-) I should be able to finish this before I leave for Japan.


H is for Hawaii

We first saw Hawaii in 1977. We were on our way to New Zealand, stopping by as many Pacific islands as we could. We actually were on Oahu for only twelve hours. We arrived early in the morning, rented a car, and drove around the island to the North Shore and back again to the airport before heading off to American Samoa. We were both impressed with the many colored blue ocean waters, the air, the smell of the flowering vegetation, and the steep, green mountains. We took a couple of vacations back to Oahu in the 1980s, then a trip to Kauai and one to the Big Island, but when we hit Maui, I was forever hooked. Not only did you have all the great things that I loved about Oahu, but you also could look out to four islands on the horizon. In the '80s and 90s my husband suggested vacations in Mexico or Europe and my reply was always,"After we take one more trip to Maui." Our only problem was that I could not find a hotel of condo that I really liked staying in. So in 1995, my husband suggested that we look at buying a vacation home on Maui. I gave myself a week and looked at dozens of condos and one house. We bought the house and were perfectly happy in it for several years until someone built a house across the street from us and partially blocked our ocean view. We looked for land to build on in Maui, but there were so many restrictions that we finally bought some ocean front property on Oahu. Unfortunately our eclectic building style was a little too radical for the Honolulu Department of Building Permits and they denied us a building permit. Now there was a little more agricultural land for sale on Maui and we ended up here, on a palm farm around 500 feet above sea level looking straight out to Lanai. It is heavenly.


Sherry said...

Good for you on doing a freebie! I need to follow your lead and do one also from my stash! Can't wait to see it finished!

Kendra said...

Of the 3 islands we visited (Oahu, Kauai, and Maui), we thought Maui was the best. It was so peaceful and the people were super friendly. If we ever make it back to Hawaii, we plan to stay on Maui the whole time and island-hop for sight-seeing/touristy stuff.

And I might add...the heat isn't too bad...the lung-choking humidity is what kills, especially asthmatic lungs! Is that makes me a wimp, then I guess I'm a wimp! :-)

Vonna said...

I should say that is what a view!
Love your new start on the freebie and the color of floss!

Dawn said...

Great start!

Itching To Stitch said...

I like your new start. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii...maybe some day ;)

tkdchick said...

Great new start!

Jennifer said...

I really like the color you're using in your freebie! So cute!

Ah, I miss Hawaii. *sniff*

Meari said...

Your Maui home sounds gorgeous. :) Can I come for a visit? LOL

mmahessh said...

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