Thursday, August 9, 2007

Waiting is Productive

I got this much done waiting for a contractor at our old house today. I was at the house at 6:00 am. They were supposed to be there by 11:00 am. They got there at 2:30 pm, which is pretty excellent for contractors on Maui. I might have gotten more done if I hadn't fallen asleep on the sofa just before they came.

No stitching or blogging tomorrow. We are going to Oahu for the day, mostly to get me a replacement passport. I lost mine somewhere in the house in Nevada. I tried to get one more than a month ago, but in typical Catch-22 government style, you can apply for one, but it will take six to nine weeks (no guarantees) with expedited service (costs more). Or you can wait until fourteen days before you travel and get one from a Passport Agency. I tried to get one when we were in San Francisco, but it was longer than 14 days to our flight to Japan. Sigh. I'll get one tomorrow. We will also look for more "stuff" for the cottage and eat at one of of favorite restaurants in the whole world, Alan Wong's.


I is for Internet

I have been using the Internet since 1978 when I worked for Tymshare, who owned Tymnet, the first international packet switched network. I had a Texas Instruments Silent 700 acoustical coupled (you put a phone handset in a pair of rubber seals communicating at 300 baud) portable terminal. My husband used it (and SGL a precursor to HTML) to write his first Masters thesis which he printed out on a IBM Diablo printer. I could access files across the net and poked around Usenet, but didn't really have a private email address until I moved to Oracle. I was somewhat active on Usenet in the 1980s and also had a Compuserve address, long before there was anything like AOL. I tried out Mosaic while it was still in beta and remember my friend Laurie's web page. She had a picture of the Pittsburgh Pirates mascot! Pictures, what a concept! My husband, a photographer, got a three letter domain name and posted his first website in 1998. Since I work on World Science Fiction conventions, which are staffed by over 500 volunteers from around the world, I spend a lot of time in email and working on websites. Although I have been on Live Journal for a couple of years, I just started my first blog in February. I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and Jaiku, though I don't IM much. I guess I am just from another generation. :-)


Jennifer said...

It's looking great! Hope your passport hunt is smooth.

Sherry said...

Looking good! You really got alot done! Enjoy your fizzy and happy birthday to your dad!

Sherry said...

sorry! got your blog comment mixed up with another! hate when that happens! Hope you find some fun things for the cottage!

Meari said...

What a great walk back in time. I'm young enough that I didn't even know about computers in 1978. Six years later, I was hooked though!

I like the colors in your project. Good progress you're making. :)

Good luck with getting your passport replaced.

Itching To Stitch said...

Love your alphabet ;)

Susan said...

I'm amazed at how much you got done. That does speak of *hours* of waiting! Hope you are able to get your passport.

Your internet experience is interesting. I love livejournal, even after I tried blogger. I have had a journal there for 5+years.

I, too, don't IM. It annoys me. I also don't txt while driving!

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