Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lighthouse Finished? Finished!

I thought I had finished this a half hour ago. I took it off the Q-Snaps and was ready to take a picture when I noticed that I still had not stitched the Z. Ah, ha. That was easy to fix and now it is DONE. No, I did not finish it in Japan. I didn't even finish it in San Francisco. Frankly, we did so much walking in Japan that I spent every evening soaking in the tub to relieve my weary feet. Tubs are not a good place for needlework. I can't say they were even very kind to my books, but books can be replaced. So the number of the books on Library Thing has grown, but my stitching has not. This sampler is quite small. I think I might finish it as a flat fold, but not any time soon. We leave Wednesday for San Francisco and then Friday for Maui. At least in Maui I always get a lot of stitching done.

Jeanne in Just String had mentioned last week that Wal*Mart was closing out their DMC threads. I was in Japan and didn't know if I would get to a store before they were all gone. But yesterday we had a little time and I asked my husband if we could go on a "wild frog" chase. We never shop at Wal*Mart, but I would make an exception for this. The first store we visited was obviously picked over. If you wanted 100 skeins of 3747 they had that, but not much else. I bought 15 skeins of what was left. My husband then suggested that there were a few more stores "nearby" and that we should try them also. I'm game. The next store had nothing. Not even a stupid spinner rack where the thread would have been. I guess they had already removed it. But there was one more store to try, so we drove there.

Bingo! Jackpot! Although some of the obvious colors where long gone (White, Ecru, 315, most of the "christmasy" reds and greens), there were still over a third of the colors left. I picked up 122 skeins, mostly very low numbers (under 300), very high numbers (over 3000) and all the oranges they had, since my husband mentioned that I had a LOT of pumpkin charts (and I do). I have them organized by number, but I still need to put them in their bags and update the database. There is a Wal*Mart on Maui near the airport and my husband wants me to check it on Friday. I should try to concentrate on colors that I am actually missing rather than picking one that "look nice".


Sherry said...

That's alot of floss. I had not heard about Wally World closing out DMC and I was just up there yesterday!

The sampler looks great!

Dawn said...

Lighthouse looks awesome! Great job:)

tkdchick said...

Congrats on your finish!

Jeanne said...

I'm glad I could help! I think that's the first official link to my blog, other than just in a blogroll! Thanks!

Janet said...

As a quilter, I know what flatfold means in that context, but hadn't yet run across it as a cross stitcher. Can you enlighten me? Maybe I know it labelled with another term?
Enjoying reading your blog - usually only write blogs and regularly only read one other.
This may get me hooked - very interesting!! I have stash envy - have no silk threads!

Sweet Pea said...

That is a COOL lighthouse pattern - I love it!