Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nibbling Around the Edges

Although I spent over three hours stitching, since most of it was just around the edges, it is hard to tell what was added. There is a little snow added to the second bush. Some white framing was stitched between the windows. I thought I might get one of the pots done, but I needed to do the trunks and the shading around them first. The bottom of the design is full of single color stitches, so it will take a while. Then the entire design is surrounded by two or three rows of white stitches. I guess I will be doing most of the white last.


Driving to and from San Diego was uneventful. The convention was small, but we did see some of our friends. We now have two days before we leave for Maui again. By next week, the old house in Maui will be SOLD. We thought the inspection only uncovered minor issues, but apparently the house inspector was out to scare the new buyers. On Tuesday we got a demand letter to repair 36 different defects. Many of them we had no intention on fixing (adding screens to windows that had never had screens, fixing a leak we could not find) and some of them we knew could not be fixed before escrow closed. For a "no contingencies" offer, this was a lot of contingencies! We offered the money to fix the issues, but could make no promises to fix anything before the close of escrow. After much whining, they accepted the offer. Assuming the movers actually arrive on Thursday and move the few pieces of large furniture, we can have the house cleaned and turn over the keys. It will be a great relief to stop eating on the plastic Costco table and use our real dining room table in our new house.


Chiasmata said...

The MP is stitching up nicely. Any plans on how you'll finish it yet?

Ah, the final days of selling/buying always have surprises. I remember when we bought our townhouse mum went in to sign the contract, ect and the real estate agent tells her "Oh, BTW, the seller wants an extra $3000. Sign here." What a kick in the teeth.

Ruth said...

Don't you just hate stitching with white bits on white? You never can really see to "get credit" for what you've accomplished. :) Nonetheless it's coming out beautifully. Congrats.

I'm sorry about your no contingencies buyer. Just keep thinking about "real" dinners, maybe it will keep you from wanting to slap them.

Barbeeque4 said...

The MP piece is really coming along nicely. Will keep the good thoughts for the sale!!