Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some Extra Stitching

Since I can't stitch any faster, all I can do is sneak in some extra stitching to make projects move along. I wasn't going to stitch on this project yesterday, but I did have a little time, so I decided to try and get a little extra stitching in. At first I was going to try to finish the windows, but they are the only parts of the design left that have a wide area stitched in the same threads. Since I won't be finishing this today, I decided to save those areas for Wednesday when I will be on a plane and need something easy to stitch.

Instead I have started stitching the bushes which have a lot of blended threads. It's actually coming along quite well, though I am still having trouble with the needles. I will have to buy a couple of packs of tapestry needles to put in my travel case. I do have a few spares, but not enough for this project. I even tried the needle included in the kit, but it is HUGE. The eye is so big that the threads just fall out. Do kit manufacturers just put in any old needles they have lying around? I rarely like using the ones they include for "free". Today I should have several hours to spend stitching, so there should be plenty of progress this evening.


The Maui Pineapple Festival was a very low key, local event that started at 9 am. Hawaiians are early risers, so by the time we got there at noon, most of the food was sold out. The food was local plates (teri beef, smoked turkey, kalua pork) sold by non-profit groups for fund raising. I did buy some hand made mango chutney and my husband got a pineapple/coconut drink in a pineapple. None for me as I am allergic to coconut.

We actually spent most of the day looking for more furniture for the cottage that we are going to sell fully furnished. We have a small space for a desk and found two of them that we quite liked, but in both cases ran into the typical problem on Maui. Yes, they have a sample on the showroom floor, but there are none in stock and ordering one could take from two to six months. We have been pretty lucky finding most of the things we need, but it looks like it is time for mail order. Though again, many of the companies that will gladly ship you furniture on the mainland do not ship to Hawaii (or Alaska). Time for internet searching!

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Chiasmata said...

The little stitch is looking great. Sounds like furniture shopping is pretty frustrating on the island.