Friday, September 14, 2007

Stash? Not Really.

Once I found out that the JCS Ornament issue was available, I had to get one before I flew off to Maui. I knew I wouldn't be able to find an issue there and I wasn't sure that any would be left when I got back. Since we were in Menlo Park, California, for lunch, I decided to check the local bookstore (Kepler's) and the local needlework shop.

The Local Needlework Shop, Old World Designs, had no magazines at all, but plenty of books, threads (some I had never heard of and some, Glorianna, that I had heard of, but not seen), and canvases. They particularly had a lot of purse canvases. I came very, very close to buying one, but I remembered my promise to reduce my stash before buying more and was good. I will definitely be back when I can actually buy something (or if I am looking for an exotic thread). They also have lots of classes and stitch alongs. I wish I lived closer to this shop.

I found a copy (actually many copies) of the magazine at my favorite needlework store, The Status Thimble in Burlingame. They had a lot of gorgeous Halloween canvases displayed, but again I was good and resisted. I have brought two WiPs with me (Flower Fairy cross stitch and Black & Red Box needlepoint) and two new cross stitch kits (Michael Powell and a Bent Creek Sheep). I might start a new kit only if I make significant progress on my WiPs first. I wonder if I can finish Flower Fairy in the next two weeks. I stitched her a small bit before we left Nevada, but was too busy in San Francisco to work on any stitching. Maybe I will get a small bit done on the plane.


What I actually did last night was great fun. For several years I have been a big fan of Tim Goodman, television critic of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. When he started a blog, I started commenting on it regularly. Tim throws a "hootenanny" in early September each year to preview the upcoming television season. This was the first year I could go and I will definitely be back next year! Each year he gets a lot of schwag (promotional material) from the television production companies. He gives some of it away at the hootenanny. There were geegaws from Family Guy, Simpsons, 24, and other television shows both known and forgotten. I got a DVD set of the first season of The Dresden Files (a paranormal mystery series from the SciFi Channel). But mostly we were there to watch the new shows. Tim showed Aliens in American (funny, but not my demographic), Reaper (by Kevin Smith, definitely a hit with all the audience. I am looking forward to more episodes), Samantha Who? (painfully bad, even though I like Christina Applegate), and Pushing Daisies (a highly stylized series fron Bryan Fuller about a man who can revive the dead. Beautiful to look at, but full of plot and character holes.) He had more, but most of them so bad that he didn't want to see them again. This is not a stellar television season. We watched television on a huge theater screen, got stuff, ate pizza, and drank beer. A marvelous night. Now I'm off to the airport for our flight to Maui.


Chiasmata said...

Well done on resisting the impulse to stash! It can be hard, especially when visiting a new store. Glad you got your hands on the mag - everyone seems to be rushing to get it.

Ruth said...

Dang that sounds like great fun! And free Dresden. Sigh. I'm going to miss that show.

You are absolutely right. The Cross Stitch ornie issue doesn't count as stash -- it's reference material and therefore essential. :)

Have a great time in Maui..... or will you be working on the house more?