Monday, September 17, 2007

Stitching Again.

I finally got some concentrated stitching time yesterday. I thought I was stitching for hours and hours, but probably not really. Every so often I would jump up and check the computer to see how the Emmy Awards were going. My favorite television blog was having live online blogging during the West Coast feed of the show. Very funny comments. My predictions were totally wrong, except for the fact that Ryan Seacrest as host would be horrible. Sorry I was right. Now to comment on the fashions. A friend of mine in Australia always has an LJ post about the Best and Worst. We don't always agree, but we do have fun with it.

I have almost finished the stalk of flowers on the right hand side. I split the chart into two pieces (2/3s on top and 1/3 of the bottom) to fit enlarged on two sheets of paper. Once I do a dozen more stitches on the flower stalk, I will have finished 2/3rds of the cross stitching except for the face and hands. I am leaving them for later. There are over a dozen different white, off white and cream threads in this design. I am trying to finish all the stitching of the three whites/creams predominately used in the flowers (and a bit in the dress) before I start a different set of whites/creams used for the face and hands. I really don't mind stitching all these similar colors as the finished effect is so much like painting or water colors.

I originally started this for the April/May colors for Project Spectrum. Overall, though I enjoyed the challenge of thinking of projects in different color schemes, I will not be joining Project Spectrum next year. Two months is simply too short a time for stitching projects of any complexity. I also was disappointed by the members who could not tell red from pink and offered items not even close to the colors chosen for a particular month.


No sun and sand here in Maui. We came for two projects, checking the finished landscaping and finishing furnishing the cottage so we can put it on the market and sell it. The landscaping is beautiful and almost, almost finished. Just a few things to adjust and it's done, as much as landscaping is ever done. I always say that after three years you will learn what is Quick (and overgrown) and what is Dead (and needs replacing). The cottage will have to be put on hold though as we finally got two offers on our old house which has been on the market for 18 months. It is such a quick close that we have tons to do before we leave next week. AND we will have to turn right around and come back in October to move the furniture out. I'll know if we can do a Happy Dance or not by next week when the home inspection is done and the buyers remove all the contingencies. Until then its just in escrow, which it was in June until the buyer flaked. At least now we have a backup offer.


Anna van Schurman said...

Good luck with the house!

Chiasmata said...

Nice to see the flower fairy again. :) Good luck with the house sale, they can be pretty intense times.

Barbeeque4 said...

The fairy is really coming along!! Good luck with the house!!!