Monday, September 24, 2007

A Window and Two Bushes

Well, I didn't finish all the cross stitching this weekend, but I did finish a lot and I enjoyed it a lot. I know that Michael Powell designs have delicious loopy backstitching, but I really like any design that looks good even without the backstitching. And this pattern is a great example. I really love the colors and the placement of the design elements.

All the blended threads seem a little intimidating when you see them in the threads list, but once you start stitching you see exactly why they are there. The blended stitches make a transition from one color to another. So there is a transition blended stitch between the light green and the dark green in the bushes and a blended white and light blue between the window and the snow. I was going to return to Flower Fairy after this Stitch-A-Thon weekend ended, but now I think I am just going to keep going on this. Three pots, two windows, and one tree and I am done.


In good news the home inspection passed with only minor defects, so we have started moving out the small decorative items. We signed the escrow documents today and by October 9 we will have one less house! Hooray! Unfortunately we can't stay until this is done, because we have to be in San Diego this weekend. So we fly to the mainland on Wednesday, drive to San Diego from Las Vegas on Friday (back on Sunday) and fly back to Maui on the 3rd.

In other sad news, Sid Vicious went into renal failure this week. I hoped to make it back in time to say goodbye, but the vet called this morning and said that she was not eating or drinking. I could only do the humane action and asked them to put her to sleep. This is not a great surprise, but the reason I stopped breeding Abyssinians in the first place. At least she had ten protected years.


Sherry said...

This piece is looking wonderful!

Dawn said...

Your piece looks great. I'm sorry to hear about the kitty.

Barbeeque4 said...

The stitching is really looking great!! So sorry about your kitty.

Chiasmata said...

So sorry to hear about your cat, it's so hard loosing a pet.

The little MP stitch it looking great, and the blending is certainly worth the effect.

Von said...

Life so often hands us a mixed bag, the bitter with the sweet. I rejoice with you in the sale of your house, but am saddened in the loss of your pet. Hugs!

Ruth said...

Condolences for Sid. No doubt you made life long and happy for him though.

Congrats on the sale!!!! Yahooooo. One less this to worry about. Now about the insane travel schedule.... lol

Greta work on the Clayton piece. You inspire me to want to unearth mine and give it a try.