Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Hour

A star, some frames, four lights and some snow. It doesn't look like I did as much in this hour as I did in the last hour. Can I blame it on trying to stitch over the fold in the pattern? Or maybe it was because I had to count and recount some of the wavier lines on the frames.

My other projects, however, are coming along. I can now walk in my closet without stepping on anything. But I need to buy more fabric softener before I wash any more clothes. The suitcase and traveling bags are put away, but I still have stitching and books sitting out in the bedroom. I did finish logging in all the DVDs we own and ordered some more from Amazon (Lost, West Wing, and MI-5. Dr. Who 3 won't be out until November and The Wire 4 won't be out until January.) We are going out tomorrow, but Friday I have to start tackling all the magazines, catalogs and mail that arrived in the last six weeks.


Kendra said...

Wow, that backstitching is really bringing out the design. I've been watching your progress since you started and thought the design was cute...but now that the backstitching is going in, it's looking a lot better! Not that it looked bad know what I mean (I hope!!) :-)

Jeanne said...

It's looking great! I don't usually like doing backstitching, but I have to agree with Kendra that it really works on this piece.

Isabelle said...

It's looking great, Kathryn. You'll be finished with that one in no time.
Congrats on getting so much done. I need to do lots this weekend as well. Seb starts moving into his Dutch flat next week.