Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to Christmas

I got this much backstitching done in my third hour on Thursday. Actually this is not the traditional backstitching where every stitch is exactly one square long. This is longstitching, done with two threads and sometimes over as many as six or seven squares. It goes a lot, lot faster. So don't think that I have become speedy stitcher just because this seems to go so quickly.

Last night I did another hour, though I can't say that I was as accomplished on any of my other projects yesterday. Still, as every stitch is finished, this project looks better and better. I think I can finish it in two more hours, but we will see.

Meanwhile I am going out to Bead Jungle to find some pretty beads for a swap-bot exchange. I am making Book Thongs. I'm going to use some Vicky Clayton Perle Cotton for the thong itself. I might also stop at Michael's. I'm going to make my first ATCs (Artist Trading Card) and I want to find some charms.


Suzanne said...

The Christmas stitching is looking good. The more backstitching you do, the better it's looking. Keep up the great work!

Isabelle said...

Your Michael Powell is looking great, Kathryn.

Sherry said...

The stitching is coming along wonderfully! Those book thongs are adorable!

SunRaven01 said...

I love the wobbly backstitching ... it completely defines the character of the piece.