Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've Fallen Off the Wagon

Well, I knew it wouldn't last forever. But as the 12 step programs say, "One Step At A Time." I can pick myself up and start again tomorrow. And it started so innocently...

I needed some needles. I really like the John James Petite needles, but the first time I ordered them I only got a single package. I have no idea where the six needles I got went, but I have my suspicions. I suspect they are stuck in WiPs hither and yon. So I got online and found a good price from Hancock's. Not the usual stitching source, but they probably carry them along with their quilting needles. Never one to buy less when more is called for I ordered 6 packages of Petite #24, Petite #26, and Petite #28 (oh, and a package of three Petite #26 in gold). They came today. That should last me.

The next temptation was Silkweavers. I get a notice of their solos every Tuesday. By the time I log on (even just an hour later) most of the "pretty" solos are gone. Imagine my surprise when I logged on on Friday and there was still one Solo that I really liked (green with bits of blue) left. I ordered it! (oh, and a bunch of solo evenweave minis...I'm bad.) They won't be here until next week, but I'll see them before Thanksgiving.

I have resisting temptation for a month now. And it was really hard because I wanted to join The Snowbird's SAL, but they are working on Ink Circles Cirque de Circles or Long Dog Designs' Paradigm List. And I really don't like monochrome designs. I simply can't stick to one color. I thought about asking to stitch Hawaiian Mandala Sampler, but that's not really in the spirit of that SAL. I know I'll get that pattern some day along with Long Dog Designs Beautie Spotte (how often do you get to stitch a Dodo?)

So what made me fall off the wagon completely? Ch√Ętelaine Designs' Hawaiian Mandala! I have been lusting over Martina Weber's designs for some time, especially Egypt Garden and St. Petersburg White Nights. I have also seen a number of bloggers working on St. Petersburg White Nights (sometimes cursing it, too.) But since I am a sucker for Hawaiian patterns (and I could kick myself that I am too late for the Mermaid's Treasure Box and Toys), so I succumbed. She does suggest working it on black, but that is not happening. I'm thinking sand colored opalescent 28 count evenweave from Silkweavers (which I already have in my stash). Some people use 32 count, but then have problems with the beads. I actually haven't seen the materials list yet, so I'll wait and see. I do know that I will be changing some of the pattern. Although her buildings seem to work well at all angles (even upside down), I don't think the scenes here do. I am going to stitch the sunset and beach at the top and bottom Right Side Up! Then I am going to take the top waterfall and bottom ferns and stitch them in the left and right sides in a vertical manner, extending the pattern to fill the rectangles. I'll stitch the rest as designed (even the diagonal volcanoes).

No, I have not finished the Michael Powell. And I have not finished kitting up the Crossed Wings ornaments (but I am half done). Yesterday and today was spent tidying up (and we have a big house to tidy) and getting things organized to be gone for over two weeks. Looks like I'll just have to take the Michael Powell to San Francisco with me in the morning. The taxi will be here at 4:45 am, so I better get on with the dozen projects I want to have finished before then. (Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?)


SunRaven01 said...

I really like your plan for the Chatelaine, and I'm looking forward to seeing the progress pictures!

Isabelle said...

Making projects is part of the fun of stitching/sewing, too. We don't need to feel guilty about it. Your plans sound great and it's going to be a treat, following your projects on your blog!
Have a great time in San Francisco. We went there during the Spring Break in 2004 and it was one of the best times we had in the US.

Ruth said...

Certainly we don't need sleep. Only wimps need sleep. lol

Congrats on falling off the wagon and into something so lovely. I think I have 3 or 4 Chatelaine gardens including the much lauded Egyptian one. It's getting started in 2008 on some opalescent sand from Silkweaver... great minds. So far I have refused to buy the bead pack. I know it will probably make a huge difference, but I can't bring myself to spend that amount of money for something that will fit in a ziplock sandwich bag.

Travel safely!

Chiasmata said...

Ah, falling off the wagon can be so good. I should know, I've done it enough times, lol! Hawaiian Garden is stunning, and your modifications sound great too. I don't blame you for not stitching on black fabby.

tkdchick said...

The nice thing about the wagon is that it goes at a slow pace... if you fall off it dosen't hurt too bad, and you can always catch up and get back on!