Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Masterful Gift

When we got back from Maui on Wednesday there was a note from the post office that I had to come in and sign for a package. I thought it was a music CD from, but I was wrong. It was a package from Kate in Australia! We picked up the package on Friday on our way to Los Angeles and here's what was in it.

First there were three magazines; one of Australian Embroidery, one of Flower Fairies from DMC, and the Australian Museum magazine. I have to say we love the museum magazine. We belong to several museums, but this is the best museum magazine I have seen. It's super.

There was also a lovely piece of hand dyed fabric and three variegated threads. I can't wait to use them all. The colors are SO scrumptious.

And last (and the BEST) is this utterly charming ornament of an Aby kitten. It is over one on a lovely green fabric. Even my husband likes it! (There is just one ornament. I photoshoped the front and the back into the same picture.) I can't thank her enough for her kindness and thoughtfulness. I am just glad that the old thread I sent her actually matched the thread she had been using and that she could finish her project.

We are safely home from Los Angeles. Since we were driving from the east and north, we missed the horrible truck fire on I-5, though one of the board members from Santa Cruz did get caught in that gigantic traffic jam. I did stitch a few more white stitches in the Michael Powell and should be finished with all the cross stitch tomorrow. I would have done more, but was busy talking to two other stitchers. I showed Liz the Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid that I used on Flower Fairy and told her to dump that awful DMC Light Effects. It is just too stiff. Since Liz is a knitter and only occasionally a cross stitcher, she had never been seduced by all the great Rainbow Gallery threads that cross stitchers can use. Elayne was working on an intricate Santa and wreath. She stitches so fast (and so much), I'm sure she will be finished by the end of the week!


Mindi said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful and generous thank you gift! I'm so glad you passed on the advice to use Rainbow Gallery instead of the DMC Light Effects, that stuff is horrible.

Dawn said...

Great gifts!! I love the ornie:)

Ruth said...

What a lovely pack to come home to! that and not having to travel on "exploding" freeways is such a wonderful thing! lol Personally, I think it's a miracle that the 5 is open today.