Friday, October 19, 2007

Never Again

Have you ever had a jinxed project? This might be one for me. First I couldn't find the right sized Q-Snaps. So for now I am using the 8" x 11"s, which are too small, but I will stitch as much as I can and look for my 11" x 14"s.

Then I took everything out of the kit and found out I was wrong. These aren't GAST threads. These are Crescent Colors. Mmmm. I don't have any of these on hand. This became especially crucial when I found out that rather than Aunt Marie's Violet, Needlecraft Corner sent me Wild Oats (a variegated tan/beige). I should have checked first, but I guess it never occurred to me me that they would have kitted up this project incorrectly. I hope I have the right buttons. It took a long time to get the fabric. I don't mind waiting for supplies, but I don't like waiting when they are listed on a website as available. And now I am missing a color of rare thread. I know a lot of people seem to like this store, but I will never buy anything from them again. I thought about trying the only local needlework store, but it is a long way to go and my husband will be using the car this weekend. So I since I do have tons of threads, just not Crescent Colors, I will pick something and substitute.

I started stitching and immediately ran into a lot of knots. Not a great start for a new thread company. I also stitched tails into my stitches and had to frog more than I ever had before. The fabric is a rough linen with a LOT of variation in thread size. I know linen looks good on antique stitching patterns, but I am considering giving it up entirely and just working on evenweave from now on. At least it is a cute pattern and there is no backstitching. I'll see how far I go this weekend, but if it gives me this much grief again, it's an instant UFO.


Chiasmata said...

Ah, we've all had a project that just refused to co-operate. The wrong threads are a real pain though. It wasn't that long ago since you bought the kit, is it? I'd certainly be emailing the store. Not being cranky, but just letting them know that they made a mistake.

Isabelle said...

The project looks lovely so far, but I can well understand your frustration. Hope you get to enjoy this project more during the weekend.

Sherry said...

I hate it when "jinxed" projects occur! Hoping you get it worked out soon and can stitch with no problems (or very few).

Jeanne said...

If it's any consolation, I agree with Isabelle - it _looks_ great so far! Here's hoping it's just not too frustrating to work on! And if it is, it's not like any of us don't have anything else to stitch! :-)