Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Hour

In my ongoing efforts to estimate correctly the time it takes me to stitch something, I decided to backstitch this project for exactly one hour. I finished the moon, the star, and most of the backstitching around the top and side of the center and right windows, plus three lights and a post knob. I think I can finish the rest of the backstitching in about six more hours. I don't know if I actually have six more stitching hours between now and Friday, but I will try to keep track of my stitching hours and see if six is an accurate assessment or not.

Meanwhile it's back to the To Do list. For today the first things I am going to tackle are my closet (clothes and shoes OFF the floor) and the Master Bedroom (suitcase, traveling kits and books put away). These should be doable.


Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, backstitching takes me an eternity! This looks great!!

Suzanne said...

I don't know why backstitching takes so long. I think it seems to take a long time because of the anticipation of seeing the finished design. Good luck!