Friday, October 5, 2007

One Last Window, One Pot

I stitched most of this on the flight from San Francisco to Maui. The plane was almost three hours late, but I actually appreciated the late flight. I went back to the loft in San Francisco and took a nap. My sleep schedule has been almost entirely random given the amount of traveling we have been doing. The two days between San Diego and coming to Maui were mostly spent reading. I went to bed from time to time, but was never sleepy.

The random bits of color in the bottom left hand corner should look more like a pot (and some snow and a shelf and a frame) when the backstitching is finished. Two more pots, a bit of ironwork and lots and lots of white framing and it will be done. Oh, except for the lots and lots of loopy backstitching. I didn't want to start the backstitching until all the cross stitching was done because almost all the backstitching is linked together over the white frame.


I came to Maui only to make sure that all of our furniture was moved out of the old house. Yesterday morning two guys and a truck arrived at the old house on Maui time (at least 15 minutes late, but not as much as an hour late). They were big and strong (good for carrying the 300 pound solid wood double dresser) and efficient, but not very careful. That's OK, because we moved all the fragile stuff ourselves. They were done in four hours and I settled in and watched television (including World Trade Center on Showtime and Grey's Anatomy). I didn't go back to the house to pick up the last bits of stuff until this morning. The new owners are convinced that there is a significant leak in the master bathroom skylight. It was raining this morning, but I saw no leak and no water on the floor. I am so done with these buyers (and our Realtor). James can take care of this last whine. I'm leaving now to pick him up at the airport. He stayed in California yesterday to attend his monthly board of directors meeting for the art museum he serves. I like all of the board members, but I have had my fill of meetings during my corporate career. Running one exhibit each year is enough for me.


Sherry said...

Your stitching is looking great!

Isabelle said...

Kathryn, your stitching is beautiful! Is is a Michael Powell? Looks like the same style.
Had a look of the sheep you stitched/want to stitch - they're adorable. Sheep are so fun to stitch - I want to do more!! :)

suzie wuzie said...

wow, i love cross stitch but i don't have the patience. this looks wonderful!

Barbara said...

Your Powell piece is coming along beautifully. And isn't it great to have a project like that in hand when you're facing flight delays? ;)