Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Jennifer and is:

What proportion of your stitching is for your own personal use versus gifts?

Boy, this a hard question for me to answer. First I would say that a LOT of my stitching is for gifts, but unfortunately since I haven't finished finished some of it, it is still sitting in drawers waiting to be framed. So is it still a gift if you've had it for years? If I would just make that cushion from the ladybug and frame the cow, I would have two gifts for my niece. And if I made the standup of the lighthouse for my nephew's wife, who is crazy about lighthouses, I would have a present for her. And then there are all the ornaments I was making for the family. A little backstitching and cutting them out and there are lots of presents. I did stitch two baby bibs this March for my nephew's first baby. I also have plans to stitch two animal ornaments from Cross Wings for my mother-in-law for Christmas. But except for the bibs, I haven't actually given anything away this year.

One thing I will probably not get involved in are exchanges. It's not that I don't want to share needlework with other stitchers, but I am SLOW. I'm afraid that I would not finish an exchange in time. I also travel so much that a round robin could sit in my mail for weeks before I came home and worked on it. I love many of the pieces I have seen on the web, but for now, I will have to pass.

I did stitch on the Mini Christmas Window for another hour and am seeing more progress. We will be out of the house today, so there may not be stitching time today and tomorrow the Stitch-A-Thon for this month starts. I need to prepare my fabric and put it in Q-Snaps.


Anna van Schurman said...

I have the opposite problem. I finish the gifts and all the stuff for me is sitting in plastic totes waiting to be finished. So nearly everything I finish is given away, but roughly half of all I stitch is for me!

Mel said...

I have a few things for me that are mainly sitting around. I have stitched a few for family and also for charity.