Monday, October 8, 2007

Which Direction Next?

No, I am not looking for another project to start, but while working on this project I have been thinking about how we decide what to stitch next. Yes, where do we take the very next stitch?

I know a lot of stitchers start at the top right hand, as if they are reading a book. I like to start in the middle and work my way around the design. Sometimes I will find a large block of color and stitch that first. It's nice to start with a motif and finish that first, sort of a mini-finish. I worked on each item in this pattern. First the middle bush, then the left bush. They all used the same threads. I often stitch the same thread all over the pattern until I run out of that length of thread or come to the end of the close by areas of that color. I next worked on the middle window and a piece of the right window. I finished the tree before I finished the right window. When I had finished the right window I started on the right hand pot. I thought I might work on the middle pot, but instead I finished the left hand window because I needed something simple to stitch while I was flying. Now, so much of the left hand side was done and I was not looking forward to stitching ALL of the white frame at the end. So I decided to stitch the white on the left hand side and the blended white and blue and the bits of color at the bottom of the left hand side. That leaves me now with a very odd looking piece with lots of little empty patches at the bottom and none of the white at the top and right side done.

Which leaves me in a bit of a dilemma. Do I stitch more of the white tomorrow or leave that for the plane flight on Wednesday? I probably should finish up the bits of color and leave the white for the flight. Or I could just put this all away and pick up my red box needlepoint for the flight. I also am thinking about what I want to take to the meeting in Los Angeles on Saturday. It's a pretty laid back meeting and several of us stitch or knit or do lace. I might need another project for LA as I really want something that I don't have to think too much about and doing the backstitch on this piece will take some concentration.


Everything is moved out of the old house in Maui. The carpet cleaners and the house cleaners were there today. Theoretically escrow closes tomorrow, but until I get evidence that the money has been transfered, I really don't believe it. Regardless, except for handing over the keys, I am done with that house. Which leaves finishing the cottage. In our search for some prints for the walls we wandered into a local furniture store that was having a sale. One lamp, one end table, one small buffet, and a queen bedding set later and I think we are DONE. OK, maybe a master bedroom lamp and a desk chair to go. And curtains! The plan is to come back in November and have the cottage on the market by Thanksgiving. We might even make that plan.


Chiasmata said...

I don't think the stitch looks too wonky. Michael Powell designs always look a bit odd before the backstitching.

Good news on the house! Planning on celebrating?

Ruth said...

Woo hooo to almost house freedom!

I don't envy you on all the white stitching though. thoughts of too much white are what keep me from doing too many snowman ornaments. :) As for me, I'm always paranoid about my white bleeding or picking up hidden soils so I'd not stitch bunches of white on a plane-- just because I wouldn't be certain about getting to wash my hands or what I might pick up from the carryons, airport, tray table, .... Ok, so maybe I look for too many reasons not to stitch in white. lol