Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Room

This is the tractor shed. In an effort to stop construction on Maui, most of the island is designated "agricultural land". That means if you want to build a house, you have to have some agriculture. We have a palm farm. We are growing baby palm trees for landscaping. In three to five years we will dig them up and sell them, then plant more baby trees. Because agricultural land needs agricultural workers, you are also allowed to build a worker cottage of no more than 1000 square feet and a barn. This is a worker cottage. But because 1000 square feet is awfully small for a real house, most of the builders have added some additional lanais or garage area. One cottage we saw had 8000 square feet of garage. This space is officially part of the garage. The main garage has a beautiful picture window with an ocean view. But we are going to treat the garage like a real garage and this is a den, not a bedroom. A bedroom would be illegal.

So this room has a desk and a television. The television is probably a whole lot too big for this tractor shed, but it was the television we had in our old house. We had no place to put it in the new house. We like television, but if we have one at all, we have just one. The new house has a home theater room. We don't want a television in any other room. This room still needs an HDMI cable for the DVD player (on order, should arrive Friday) and some blinds (on order, will arrive after Thanksgiving. I don't know how we will get them installed).

We got a replacement curtain rod for the one that was dropped, but didn't do much else in the cottage. That means a whole lot of work tomorrow, but we will manage.

I did get some stitching done today. A few leaves were added. I should have pictures tomorrow.

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Chiasmata said...

Wow, that's the nicest tractor shed I've ever seen. :P Some interesting housing laws there, but I can see the point of them. Out here on the semi-rural edge of Sydney it's not uncommon for someone to buy a quater acre of land, build a three story, five car garage house and concrete over the rest.