Friday, November 23, 2007

Convention-al Thinking

We made it safely to the hotel last night. Unfortunately we didn't leave at noon as I had planned. Between one thing and another it was almost 4:30 pm when we left, only to be back at the house in 45 minutes when my husband realized that he had left his cell phone there. Our second start went more smoothly, but now it was pitch dark, so no stitching while driving. Instead we listened to two Holiday CDs that we got through Like most other people's music there were a couple of songs we liked, many that we ignored and only a couple that were truly wretched (like The Kinks Father Christmas). We did end up having greek food for dinner, but it was very good.

The only real hitch in the day was parking at the hotel. There was no parking left for guests when we got there, as they had sold their parking lots (as many hotels are doing these days) to an outside service and that service had filled the lot with cars parked there by people who take the free hotel shuttle to the airport without ever actually staying at the hotel. We are parked in the valet area with the hotel's permission and are hoping to avoid being towed. Hotels keep thinking they will make a lot of money by selling their parking lots to outside services, but I know from experiences in the SF Bay Area that the hotels are only losing both room and restaurant profits. Yet here they are locked into these long term contracts where the parking services take all the money and the hotels are the long term losers.

So what does one do at a science fiction convention? Many, many things!!! This morning after breakfast my husband went and hung his art in the art show, then talked to some of our friends who are dealers (they sell tshirts). You can also find book dealers, jewelers, and sword sellers. I set up the fan table. We are here to promote our own convention that will be in Las Vegas next Fourth of July weekend. We sold four memberships today and handed out a lot of postcards with the website listed on it. While sitting the table I talked to our friends running Loscon for next year and friends from Denver who are running the Worldcon there next August. James had a panel on archeology at 2 pm. At 4:30 pm we went out with a friend from San Francisco and got party food at a local grocery store. Now we are setting up the room for a party for the Las Vegas convention and tomorrow we do it all again. I have three panels (on bookish topics--one with Harry Turtledove and Tim Powers), James has three panels (on archeology and on art) and we will throw another party tomorrow night. Sunday I will sit the fan table while James has his final panel and eventually we will drive back to Nevada.

I did do about fifteen stitches on the opossum. I finished a leaf and started more of the branches. I will try to take a picture tomorrow after I have a bit more finished.


Chiasmata said...

The convention sounds amazing! I hope you have a good time, and get lots of members for you LV con. What aspect of archaeology is your hubby holding a panel on? It's not something I'd expect at a scifi gig.

tkdchick said...

Hope you have fun!

Sweet Pea said...

I never knew hotels were selling their parking lots. I have to say, I'd be REALLY mad if I got to a hotel and didn't have somewhere to park my car.