Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cottage Complete

It took a lot of time, but not a whole lot of money. And it is finally DONE. This is what the cottage looks like coming up the driveway. The roof is not a continuous pitch, but flattens out near the edges. It is a common roofline in Hawaii. The color of the outside is close to adobe. It's the color of Maui dirt. People try to paint their houses white, but they always end up looking this color from the dirt swirling in the air everywhere on the island.

This is the Master Bedroom with the Master Bath just beyond. It's not very big, but it does have a small walk in closet. We debated about putting a full size bed in here, but finally went with a queen size, even though it takes up much more room. No couple really wants to sleep on a full size bed.

Here is the kitchen fully furnished. I love the little chest we found. It fits great on that wall and can act as a small bar. I don't have a picture of the details, but the knobs on the cabinets match the granite on the counter top, Dakota Mahogany. The appliances are all stainless steel.

And here is the empty space I showed you yesterday now furnished and decorated. The pictures are hard to see, but they very Hawaiian in a non-touristy way. We tried to keep the colors neutral, but I love green and so most of the house is green with brown and tan. The floor is slate, so the browns and greens go well with the floor.

And so ends our decorating adventure. We signed with a Realtor this morning. The house will be listed for sale tomorrow. We have done all we can to make the place sell quickly.

I even got some stitching done this afternoon. That was after a celebratory lunch at Hula Grill, complete with Mai Tais. I'll have a stitching picture tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful (and productive) weekend.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations on the finish of your cottage, it looks really well done! I am glad that you had a great weekend.

Isabelle said...

The cottage is beautiful! I wish I could live in it!

Sweet Pea said...

The house is lovely! You should have no trouble selling it at all.

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on finishing the cottage. It's evident you put a lot of work into it, and it looks brilliant.