Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dinner or Stitching?

Well I guess this shows where my priorities lie. No dinner, but I did finish the cross stitch on this opossum ornament. Of course that means that this is only one third done. I still have all the backstitching. Then it is not enough to say, "Done" and put it in a drawer. I will also have to finish FINISH it and make it into an ornament. But that won't be for a while. When I finish the backstitching, I'm going to work on the chipmunk ornament next.

After the chipmunk is done, I will have to make some harder decisions. Do I finish FINISH the lighthouse flatfold for my nephew's wife? Do I try to frame the cow for my niece? Or do I try to finish the backstitching on a group of Christmas ornaments that I started a decade ago? There is always the fabric dilemma, too. I have some nice pig fabric for my sister-in-law that I bought to make into a Hawaiian shirt for her. I also have some cow fabric for my niece and some lighthouse fabric for my nephew's wife. I was going to make some fabric covered boxes for them, but now I have lots of cute purse patterns. I could probably make up one or two purses before Christmas, but who for? Some of these decisions will be circumscribed by the fact that we are having two parties here at the house on December 13th (a cookie making party) and the 15th (a holiday party for Las Vegas science fiction fans). From the 12th on, the house has to be reasonably neat. I can be working on some stitching, but the sewing machine will have to be tucked away during that time. And I am not taking the sewing machine to Boston the 7th through the 9th. I might not even have time to stitch in Boston!

Thinking about other people's gifts always takes my mind off trying to come up with something for them to give to me. This is always a major hassle. I can't even think of anything for my husband to buy for me for Christmas. The latest thing we came up with for me was a nice big rotary paper cutter. Not very romantic and not very easy to carry across the country. I don't have anything small for him either, but I am well known for getting him things on the internet and just wrapping a picture of his gift as a present. That's how I got him his telescope that I had shipped directly to Hawaii. Unfortunately the only thing we really need is about a month of free time. I can't think of any way to give that to him.


Dawn said...

The oppossum looks fantastic!

Sweet Pea said...

My MIL always asks what she should get us, which is nice because we end up getting things we want and need (as opposed to yet another calendar from other family members). She had been buying off our wedding registry but has managed to exhaust that (as well she should - we've been married almost 4 years!)

So now I have a new Bed Bath and Beyond registry for stuff for the new house, and I like the website www.thethingsIwant.com. You add a button to your links bar and whenever you're online, you can click it and add what you're looking at to your wish list. It keeps track of store and price and there's even a space to make notes for size, color, etc. VERY handy.

And if all else fails, tell people to get you gift certificates to needlework shops so you can have stuff finished and framed for you.

Chiasmata said...

The opossum has stitched up nicely.

Suggesting Chrissy presents is always hard. I gave my mum a selection of stitchy stuff I would like. Otherwise she just gives me money - which she then borrows off me anyways.

Internet shopping is a good idea, I might try that out. I really detest shopping centres this time of year.

nkuelbs said...

I've just found your blog, and I love your possum stitching, and was wondering if you could share the name of the designer for this design? My email is 5kuelbs@earthlink.net

Take care, Nancy