Monday, November 19, 2007

A Face and Some Leaves

No, I did not finish this before we left. But I should be able to finish it before we leave for Loscon on Thursday. Then I can start on the chipmunk from the same design book. If I can get them both done (that means finished finished) before December 20th when we leave for back east, then I will have two Christmas gifts for my mother-in-law. If I finish the lighthouse as a flatfold, I will have a gift for my nephew's wife. If I frame the cow I stitched years ago, I will have a gift for my niece. And if I stitch something else for my nephew's new baby (I was thinking something small like a Baby's Sleeping door hanger), then I will have five handmade gifts. I could go wild and try to finish something with pigs for my sister-in-law, but I shouldn't get ahead of myself when none of these are done. ;-)

We are off to the airport momentarily. Of course, the blinds for the cottage arrived today. Not much we can do about them now, but if the Realtor wants them installed, she can get it done. We won't be back until late January. Good Monday to all!


Chiasmata said...

Looking nice. I can see why most Americans don't like their possums, look at that tail! Not all all like the brushtail possums that live in my area. Sounds like you'll certainly have a creative christmas. I'm not stitching any gifts this year, it's kinda refreshing to take it easy.

Ruth said...

Go,Kathryn, go!!!! If you don't sleep between now and the 20th possibly you'll have time. lol

Travel safe!

Sherry said...

I am loving this ornament! We have possums and raccons that roam around our yard at night picking over dropped birdseed and rumaging thu our trash cans!