Friday, November 16, 2007

A Friday Poll

Oh, don't know what an ort is? It's that small piece of thread left after stitching that is too small to reuse or too small to save for another project. If we ran to the garbage can with every ort, we would spend more time getting up and down than stitching. So they accumulate. In some large projects it is sometimes hard to see any progress, but the pile of orts grows and we know we have done something, even if it is not a very visible something.

As I was cleaning up the living room in preparation for the visit by our landscaper, I looked at my pile of orts. I've been collecting that pile for several visits here and it was somewhat impressive. But although I moved my stitching elsewhere for this afternoon, I couldn't really justify saving the orts any more. So they were thrown away. Then I wondered how long other people save their orts.

I know I have almost all the orts from my Pineapple Fish needlepoint. Since I stitched a lot of this while traveling, there was no one place to stash them and I couldn't just leave them hanging around a hotel room or my in-laws. So I have a Snack sized ziploc with most of the orts from this project inside. I even have a picture of my orts from a mostly blue project. I thought they looked photogenic. Other orts just stick around until I clean up my stitching area, which could be in a week or in a month. I rarely throw them out after a project is done, because I am often too eager to start the next project and just jump right from the last stitch of one design to the first stitch of the next design.

Thanks for reading and thanks for voting in the poll.


Sweet Pea said...

I didn't know what an ort was until I read further. You really do learn something new every day! LOL

I keep all of ours in a candy jar - I have since we started stitching 4-5 years ago. I don't know why, it's just something I do. I've never emptied it, I just keep compacting what's already in there. And I have no idea what I'll do when it gets too full. Maybe I will put it outside for the birds in the spring so they can use it for their nesting material.

I also saw an idea where a woman used glue, leftover threads and plain glass ornaments to make her own one of a kind ornaments. She glued all the left over bits and pieces to the outside of a glass ornament. You could also get one with a removable lid and stuff the floss inside.

Chiasmata said...

I have an end table next to my stitching chair, and I have a little ort pile on that. I throw 'em out every so often, usually when I'm cleaning. They can be handy to keep around though. I've considered making a bourse to keep orts in, but that's way down on my list of projects.

Paisley said...

Great poll! I toss my orts in a miniature Longaberger waste basket. I thought it was a fitting use for it. I can pull out the plastic liner and see all the different color threads I've used. It's a mess but it's still pretty!

Suzanne said...

Great poll, I was going to ask that question myself. I have a lovely clear ornamental wine bottle that I am collecting all my orts in. As they are thrown in as my projects continue, I get lovely colour layering. I used to throw them all away, but this is a great way of creating a cheap and interesting ornament for the sewing room.

kimananda said...

Cool poll! For me, the main thing with orts is that I try my best to have as few as possible...I find myself going to almost impossible lengths to get out of whatever is in the needle at the time, no matter how small. It can get a bit ridiculous at times. I like the idea of doing crafts with them, though.

Anna van Schurman said...

I had an ort bag that I made and I filled it for about 7 years, just kept mashing it all down. By the time we moved out of LA, the bag was faded, so I chucked the whole thing out. Now I just leave them on the end table near where I stitch and throw them away when I clean the living room.