Sunday, November 4, 2007

Grey Threads for a Grey Day

Last night we sat out on the lanai and watched the clouds light up over Oahu. They were having tremendous thunder and lightening storms, but we could hear no thunder and see no jagged lines of lightening, just bright lights illuminating the clouds like a flashlight inside a tent. It was supposed to rain on Maui, but instead we had some grey clouds, but no precipitation.

This morning it was finally drizzling. Hooray, we needed the rain (though I always feel sorry for the tourists who always expect sunny skies). Later it came down harder, much harder. The front lawn took on a lakelike appearance. The rain was great for me because I had taken a much needed day off. When you don't have a 9 to 5 job, there is no time off. I just wanted some time where I was not a travel agent, a chef, a web designer, a computer engineer, a decorator, a laundress, a supply chief, an engineer, or a librarian. So I spent the day stitching, reading, and shopping on the internet. After dinner we will finish watching the very last episode of The Dresden Files. That was a good show on the SciFi channel that got canceled after one season. I won the DVDs at Tim Goodman's Television Hootenanny.

I finished up the birdfeeder on this ornament and will move back to the branch, then the leaves, then the opossum itself. It seems to be working up fairly quickly so I should have this done before Thanksgiving. I might even start the chipmunk before we leave. But tomorrow it is back to work. We should finish installing the closet in the master bedroom of the closet. I should wash the new sheets we just bought and iron the bedding before making the bed in there. I should also wash the new dishes and pots and pans and put them all away in the cupboards.


Sherry said...

This is coming wonderfully and looking so cute!

Chiasmata said...

The colours are looking a lot more balanced in this pic - looking good! A quick little stitch. I love watching storms, especially the high atmosphere ones. We're having a lovely rainy spring here at the moment, storms every week.