Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Am Not Ready to Leave

This is what the cottage looked like before we started furnishing it. The door on the left hand side is to the small second bedroom with the futon. To the farther left is the master bedroom and bathroom. Directly ahead is the main bathroom (the only one with a tub). This picture was taken in the living room/dining room area looking towards the kitchen. Behind the kitchen is the tractor shed and a short hallway to the two car garage (with washer and dryer). Tomorrow, pictures of the cottage furnished. We have worked on all the little bits that are left today. We will be ready for the Realtor tomorrow. And on Monday it is back to the mainland.

Usually I am very eager to go back as I miss my cats and my stash. But we barely got any rest at all this trip. I could spend another week here just relaxing and stitching. The main house finally has furniture and pictures from our old house. It is much more comfortable than it has been in the last year. And we won't be back here until the end of January. Maybe that trip will be more relaxing. ;-) On the mainland, it is back to travel, travel, travel. Los Angeles next weekend, and Boston December 7 - 9. We come back to host a CookieFest and Holiday Party in Nevada, then head to Lexington, Kentucky, for Christmas. January is CES in Las Vegas, MacWorld in San Francisco, a meeting in Los Angeles, followed by one in Las Vegas. THEN we can come back to Maui.


Kendra said...

Holy cow, I got tired just READING about your schedule...I'd be beat if I had to actually do all that traveling!

Susan said...

It sounds like you will *need* a restful time after the next 6-8 weeks on the mainland!

kimananda said...

I agree with Kendra and have a whirwind December/January planned. It sounds like fun, though.

Ruth said...

Sheesh, I need a nap just reading all that. I'd be so tempted to stay in Hawaii, but LosCon. Ya gotta come back for that! :) I'll hold out good thoughts that your January trip is very, very peaceful.

See ya next week!