Friday, November 30, 2007

Outlining is FUN!

There you all are scratching your heads, convinced that I have gone 'round the bend. Backstitching and outlining are the bane of most stitchers' existences. But I have to say I really enjoyed stitching the outlining on this opossum today. Maybe it was because I am feeling rather punk today. No, nowhere near as bad as those of you who have hacking coughs and fevers. But I have had that achy, headachy, can't-stand-up-for-long feeling for a day or two and decided last night that I was going to try to take it easy today. Maybe it was because cross stitching this particular design has been much harder than it had any right to be. I made multiple counting errors (and left them). I dislike the fabric, but wasn't going to change it since it has to match the chipmunk (same fabric in a different color). So maybe it was relief to just outline all the stitched areas without referring the chart, except for the tricky bits around the paws. This seemed to simply flow along. I was just going to do the opossum (so that you can see him correctly) and some of the leaves, but I ended up doing a lot of the branches, too. Another hour or two on this and I can move on.

The only other thing that we did today was have our missed Thanksgiving dinner. We bought a fresh turkey from Whole Foods yesterday and brined him overnight (using Alton Brown's recipe). I'm a big, big fan of stuffing (my grandmother's recipe), but Alton's recipe calls for a cavity filled with aromatics, so no stuffing this time. Since it was my husband's responsibility to cook this week, he also insisted on having some cornbread dressing. We made the cornbread last night and even managed not to eat too much of it. It was SO good right out of the oven.

Since it was only the two of us (and neither of us at our best), it was an abbreviated meal. No olives or stuffed mushrooms to start. No corn, mashed potatoes, or home made rolls with the meal, and no pumpkin pie at the end. We did manage some great turkey and gravy, the cornbread dressing, some broccoli with bernaise sauce and my favorite cranberry relish (cranberries, apples, and oranges). I might make a brandied pumpkin pie this weekend. But I know in the next day or two we will have Hot Browns (Mmmmm, turkey, bacon, cheese sauce).

Well, this is the last day of NaBloPoMo, a month of blogging. As most of us who have tried this experiment in daily blogging, I am glad to have it over. When I first started blogging in February I managed 24 posts in that first month. I was always disappointed in the months where I only managed 12 posts. But after 30 posts in a row, I think I can say that from now on I will be happy with 15 - 18 posts a month. It will certainly be better for you, dear readers, as you will have less filler and more stitchy goodness. I want to congratulate my fellow stitchers who also managed this uphill task and all the readers, constant or casual, who followed along with us.


Kendra said...

Mmmm, Hot Browns! Now I'm hungry.

And someone else who knows about cornbread dressing! My Granma makes the best, but she also uses some biscuits in it as well, and shredded chicken. That's the one thing I really miss when we don't have Thanksgiving with them. Hopefully she'll have a pan at Christmas.

Barbara said...

Congratulations! I checked before going to bed last night, but you hadn't yet made your final post.

That Thanksgiving meal looks so yummy that I'm thinking maybe I'll make a 'postponed' turkey after I'm back on my feet after Arden's birth. Cornbread dressing - mmm mmm!! My aunt Hattie used to brine their turkey - I'd completely forgotten about that method. Thanks!

Chiasmata said...

Wow, that dinner looks amazing, even if it is abbreviated. Apart from the broccoli and turkey I haven't tried any other of the treats you mentioned there - I'll have to start experimenting!

Opossum is looking brilliant now with backstitching. I can see why you continued backstitching the whole thing. It's taken on a beautiful illustrated look.

Jeanne said...

The opossum is looking great! On something like this, how would somebody know you'd made any counting errors? You were right to just leave them in.

The turkey looks yummy, and I'm sorry you weren't able to enjoy it fully because of being sick.

And HOORAY for the end of NaBloPoMo!!!!! I'm happy that we both made it through the month!

debijeanm said...

I'm sure glad I dropped in. Your backstitched oppossum just leaps off that branch. Looks great.

I appreciate all of you who posted daily. Put me in the column of readers who enjoys a bit of insight into people's lives outside of stitching (it's the historian in me) and so, as you all reached for something to write about, I reaped the benefit of hearing about your lives. It was fun for me! I can understand, though, that you are all anxious to get back into a more "reasonable" posting schedule.

Enjoy the holiday, for sure.

Susan said...

I know most stitchers find it a pain, but maybe because I'm first an embroiderer, I don't mind it. It certainly makes a huge difference in clarity of the stitching. Love your possum!

debijeanm said...

"Stacking." LOL, it has a name. Cool. I usually tell people that my mind is like a printer queue. When the first "to do" item was completed and popped off the queue, another would pop up from the bottom. I used to keep about seven items in the queue; now I'm down to one or two.

No, I don't expect the book to be The Answer (it came today, by the way) but if I can find one useful "tool" it will be worth the money. I'm actually a fairly organized soul and able to multi-task fairly well. I just can't help feeling that there's another tool or two out there that would help fine-tune my "system" and get me over the occasional rough spot (like spending the two days I set aside to decorate the house for Christmas instead fighting with lights that keep blowing out.) From your comments and the Amazon blurb about Allen's book I'm sure I'll try something useful.

Dawn said...

The Oppossum looks great! And so does your dinner...very yummy:)

Ruth said...

Leftovers? Dinner looks mighty tastey! Congrats big time for the completion of the possum!!!! Although I will put down to your ill-health the fact that you thougth outlining was fun! Sheesh-- obviously you're suffering some sort of mind-altering virus!