Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Usually I sleep well, but sometimes I have insomnia. Like last night. And this morning. I lay in bed for sometime last night, but I never even remotely felt sleepy. Eventually I got up. I thought I would go back to bed when James got up at 6:45 am for his photoshoot. But even then I was not sleepy. It took a warm bath and a dull book to finally put me to sleep at 8 am.

So instead of spending the entire day stitching, I slept this morning and spent the afternoon doing morning chores. I need to get an Ott light here, so I can stitch when the sun goes down. I tried to stitch some more leaves today , but when I got to a leaf near the small upper branch (all quarter cross stitches), I took a dozen stitches only to find that I was one thread over too far. I frogged the lot and gave up for today. I might get back to it this weekend.

Thank you all VERY MUCH for the kind comments so far. I know it's an odd thing to stitch for a Christmas gift, but my mother-in-law still comments on the Pat Summitt/Coca Cola pin I won for her on Ebay. She has collected Coke memorabilia for decades and Pat Summitt is her favorite basketball coach (woman's coach for the University of Tennessee). Gifts specific to the receiver can be hard to find, but so well received if you hit the right spot.

I think this is one time when NaBloPoMo has failed. Rather than posting something creative, I am just filling up space with words. I would never have posted so little progress if I wasn't posting every day. It's one of those days that if my head wasn't attached to my body, I would forget where I put it.

Tomorrow we interview our first Realtor at 2 pm. That means the cottage needs to be presentable by then. It's pretty close. I need to iron one set of curtains in the dining room and both sets of curtains in the master bedroom. Except for cleaning the bathrooms, the rest is done.

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