Sunday, November 11, 2007

Seven Things

This is not a good day to talk about the cottage. James dropped one of the living room curtain rods and broke the glass ball at the end. After yesterday I really don't want to whine about how much we have left to do. SO, I have decided to take this time to answer one of the frequent memes floating around the interwebs--seven things you might not know about me.
  • I lived in 26 places before I went to college. I was born in Illinois, near Chicago, and lived in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio and St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, in multiple places in each of those states. Not military, my father was a forensic accountant and spent a time recreating the bookkeeping of companies that suffered fires and disasters (or arson and embezzlement).
  • In St. Croix I worked for the first mortician on the island. Before then they had to ship the bodies to the mainland or just use a pine box. I was the family au pair, but did spend some time in mortuary. I am not squeamish about dead bodies, but I almost flunked high school biology because I hated doing dissections. I got over all my squeamishness when I started raising cats and had to birth kittens and take care of abscesses.
  • I have a sister who raises Borzoi in North Carolina. She stopped speaking to me several years ago. I have no idea why, as she will not return email, postal mail, or phone calls. I'm sure she thinks she has a good reason.
  • I played flute from first grade through high school. I was second chair in the Connecticut state orchestra. I even got an invitation to join the Northwestern University marching band before they found out I was female -- no women allowed. I stopped playing in college and haven't taken it up again. If I started an instrument, it would be the piano. I had several years of lessons and even own one of those electronic keyboards, currently gathering dust in my sewing room.
  • I went to Northwestern University, majoring in Electrical Engineering, but switching to Computer Science in my junior year when they finally started an undergraduate Computer Science program. I was one of twelve women that started the Engineering program and the only one left after four years. I worked at the Vogelback Computer Center helping students with punch cards and simple programming. We had just one CRT.
  • We moved to Eugene, Oregon, so that my husband could finish his undergraduate degree. We had a blue and white VW van that we built out ourselves with a bed and refrigerator. We cut our own Christmas trees on BLM land. I worked for the Lane County Department of Transportation. My office was next to the road graders.
  • Although I read over a hundred books a year, I have absolutely no interest in writing fiction. I can craft a coherent sentence. I have learned to tell some good stories. Many of my friends are writers. But the once or twice I have tried to sit down and write fiction, the screen starts back at me and laughs at the pitiful few words I have crafted in an hour.

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Chiasmata said...

You're doing well with the post a day challenge.

Wow. I've finished college/uni and I've still only lived in three houses in my life, two of which are in the same suburb and one in the suburb next door. I can't imagine travelling around like that.

100 books a year is a great accomplishment. No wonder you've got multiple librarythings.