Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stashingly Different

Remember when I started falling off the wagon? It started so innocently. Just a little fabric from Silkweavers. Well, here is that order. A big (24" x 27") Solo in 32 count Opalescent Lugana and six Mini Solos (9" x 13"), four in 28 count (one opalescent Jazlyn) and two 32 count (one opalescent Lugana). The more I stitch, the more I love evenweave fabric and the more I love 32 count. I would like to do a Mirabilia mermaid on the large fabric. I have The Queen Mermaid which calls for Water Lily Linen by Wichelt (a lighter green) and Deepest Love which calls for Belfast Amsterdam Blue Linen (a medium blue). Frankly I don't like Amsterdam Blue with that pattern. The colors in the thread look too washed out on that blue. I'll have to do a floss toss to see how Deepest Love looks on the Solo. The piece is almost big enough for Hawaiian Mandala (21" x 21" design), but I still want a "sandy color" for that one.

It's all Lisa's fault. She has this great blog about creating your own handbags. I've been reading it for several months and of course, now I have to make a handbag. I wanted to make this carpetbag, so I went online to see who was selling this pattern and I ran into SewThankful. An hour later and I had a cart full of bag patterns. When I came back to Nevada last night, these patterns were waiting for me. And just to tie this back into stitching, the first pattern set, Totally Trendy Totes, has a pattern (in three sizes) for a mesh stitching tote (shown at the bottom of their picture). I also bought some plastic mesh from them, so I should be ready to sew some totes next week. (Zippers! Zippers! Have to go out and get some zippers!) Of course, the Carpetbag pattern and the tubular frames that they need are backordered. Maybe I'll get them next week.

I missed the time change on the mainland. Hawaii keeps the same standard time all year, since below the Tropic of Cancer there is only about a half an hour between the shortest day of the year and the longest. Changing the time would save no "daylight" there. But when I went to take these pictures at 4:30 pm PST, it was DARK! I forget that Las Vegas is right on the eastern edge of the Pacific Time Zone. When we go back to Standard Time, it gets dark early. In some way this is a good thing because the family room is all windows and open to the rest of the house, too many to curtain or put blinds on. We have to wait until dark to watch television. And now dark comes a lot earlier. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? :-)


Susan said...

That fabric is well worth falling off the wagon for. =) One of the reasons I love AZ is that it doesn't do the DST nonsense. You can't save daylight no matter where it is! I'd rather have mine where it belongs. =)

Anna van Schurman said...

I've been cutting out the Amy Butler weekender bag--last night I got through the lining pieces. Tonight I cut Timtex. I hope to begin sewing on Monday!

Suzanne said...

Oooh! I love the fabrics, they are such great colours. I'm sooo envious.

Chiasmata said...

WOW. Love the fabby. Silkweaver's colours are always so beautiful. Have fun with the handbag making, looks like you've grabbed some great patterns there. We expect progress pic, of course. :P

I don't mind Daylight Savings, but my body clock is strongly affected by light, and it throws me out of wack for weeks. It's been DST here for over a month now, and I still wake up later and stagger out of bed and feel like I'm leaving work early.