Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I Wish Christmas Was Over

It's not that I don't like the holiday season, because I do. I like Christmas music. I like Holiday parties. I like decorating the house. But if it were after Christmas I could be stitching this instead of Christmas presents.

Can you sense a lack of enthusiasm for my current pattern? I don't hate it, but it seems boring. The fabric is too loose. All the quarter stitches seem too picky. And there is a ton of backstitching to be done. I haven't added a stitch since we came back to Nevada. Some of the reasons are the usual ones; about a quarter ton of mail to go through (man, we get a LOT of catalogs), trying to unpack the suitcase from Hawaii, trying to pack the things we will need for Los Angeles including the party kit (don't forget the stand up Elvis!) and the need to eat and sleep. Nope, Ruth, I still need to sleep, though eating is pretty catch as catch can these days. I have no idea where we will eat tomorrow. The Mad Greek?

The plan is to try to stitch some during the drive tomorrow. I tried that a little bit on the drive back from San Diego. I wasn't entirely happy with the attempt, but if I just try some black backstitching on what I have done, that might go a bit smoother.

Happy Turkey Day to all!

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Chiasmata said...

Ah, that's quite a temptation there. Lots more colourful that possums. Oh well, we're on the downward slope now - christmas will be come and gone before you know it.