Saturday, November 10, 2007


I wish we had more of the cottage done. I wish we had even one room done. Even this room still needs two pictures hung and the cellular shade hung (when it gets here). We worked very hard today and got a lot done, but not much photo worthy. We just got the futon cover yesterday and managed to get it on the bed (after I ironed it). We really like it as it is islandish without being tackily Hawaiian. This room is so small that we had a hard time deciding exactly what to put in it. Even a twin bed would take up almost all of the space. We finally settled on a full size futon. If the buyers have children, I think they would like this room. And if they don't have children, it would make a good stitching room. ;-)

Although this room doesn't have an ocean view, I still like the view out the window. The landscaping came out so well that this is a lovely view. As the plants fill in and trees get bigger it will get even better.

We got a lot of things half done. The master bedroom closet is closer to being done. One rod still needs to be hung. Most of the dishes are washed and put away in clean cupboards, but the kitchen still has lots of things on the counters. We started hanging the curtains in the dining room, but just got one rod placed. There are four more to do. Then I need to finish ironing the curtains. The traverse curtains in the Master Bedroom are going to take a lot of time to install. I'd be glad to get one of them done tomorrow. We still have a shelf to hang in the Master Bath and pictures to hang in almost every room. For only a thousand square feet, there seem to be things to do in every square foot. No stitching today and probably none until the cottage is done enough to show to Realtors.


Ruth said...

Go, Kathryn, go!!!! yes, it's nuts how slow things seem to move, but heavens you've got a lot to be proud of!

tkdchick said...

Wow lots of work to do but what a view!