Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Ends, 2008 Begins

It has been a rewarding and fulfilling stitching year. I changed from a stitcher who rarely stitched and had many UFOs to one who completed projects, gave gifts, and stitched almost every day. I think the many friends from the blogosphere who encouraged me made all the difference.

To recap, I had 15 stitching finishes this year --
  • Silver and Gold, 2/18 -- started in 2006. My first 2007 finish. Starting this blog made all the difference in actually getting this finished.
  • Basketball Baby Bib, 3/17 -- nothing like a new baby to inspire some stitching. I had made a quilt for her before she was born, but this was an original design for a baby born to UK basketball fanatics on NCAA Selection Sunday. She wore it to dinner last Wednesday.
  • Sheep Baby Bib, 3/20 -- some of my fastest stitching. Taken from a magazine design that almost didn't fit the space. I still have four more bibs that I could stitch some day. Maybe for their next child.
  • Winter, 3/31 -- I joined Project Spectrum to help me explore some experiments in color. Unfortunately their two month deadline is simply too short to do any complex stitching. I did, however, finish this piece by the first deadline. It is an Erica Michaels pattern where I changed the fabric and the threads. I also learned that I hate working on monochrome patterns. I had to change the thread on two motifs so it wasn't all the same.
  • Autumn Ewe, 4/17 -- my first Bent Creek Zipper Sheep, but hardly my last. I love sheep, but I also love squirrels, so this was a perfect pattern for me.
  • Hillside Sampling Topiary Ornament #3, 5/8 -- This was my March Ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL. I ran out of thread in March, finished stitching it in April, but actually completed a real ornament in May.
  • A Merry Little Christmas, 5/18 -- the first of two ornaments stitched on the same piece of Silkweaver opalescent fabric. Both are stitched, but neither one are finished/finished.
  • Pineapple Quilt Square, 5/30 -- my one needlepoint finish in 2007. I made up my own stitches and had a lot of fun with this one. Someday it will be a lid on a box.
  • Xmas Tree Sampler, 6/7 -- the other ornament stitched on the Silkweaver opalescent fabric.
  • Woodland Snowfall, 7/14 -- the last Christmas ornament I stitched in 2007 although it is not finished/finished. More squirrels! I loved using RG's Designer's Dream wool for their tails.
  • Pumpkin Over One, 8/6 -- one pumpkin from the Trio of Pumpkins with the wrong colors (specified on the chart, but NOT the same ones as on the model) on linen. Trying to stitch over one on linen is crazy. This will become a scissors fob some day.
  • Lighthouse Sampler, 9/9 -- a freebie chart I stitched to use up some discontinued Weeks Dye Works colors. I really like how I used the color changes for the lighthouse and the ocean. This will be a flatfold present for my nephew's wife next Christmas.
  • Michael Powell's Christmas Window #1, 11/1 -- although I liked all the projects I stitched this year, this one is my favorite. Maybe it was because I love Michael Powell designs, but have been a bit intimidated by his loopy backstitching. Maybe it is just the beautiful bright colors. I know I will have more Michael Powell kits on my goals for next year.
  • Opossum Ornament, 12/1 -- I am really proud of this project. Not only did I finish the stitching, but I made it into an ornament and gave it to my mother-in-law for Christmas. I have started so many stitching projects for relatives and so few of them have been finished and presented. Next Christmas I hope to have lots of stitching presents to give away.
  • Feed the Hungry Chipmunk, 12/27 -- this didn't quite get done for Christmas, but I did finish it before I left Lexington and it was even framed. There are a couple of squirrels from this series I could do, but I'm not putting them in my 2008 goals.
So there they are. Although I did not finish any large projects in 2007, I did finish a small or medium sized project every month. What I really need to concentrate on for 2008 are one or two large projects and finishing several UFOs. My 2007 UFOs were:
  • Pineapple Fish -- I really haven't worked on this since I finished the ocean in March. There is a lot of boring sky to work on and some really horrible threads for the small fish. I won't guarantee that much more will be finished in 2008.
  • Flower Fairy -- She is over half done and will definitely be on my 2008 Goals List.
  • Plastic Canvas Ornaments and French Noel -- I have been working on these plastic canvas ornaments for probably ten years. THIS is the year that they will be finished. Maybe the French Noel, too.
  • Black and Red Needlepoint Box -- Needlepoint. Yeah. That's what I started stitching, but every time I go back to needlepoint, it seems to take so much longer to cover a simple square inch than cross stitch that I put it down again. I know how to finish this, but I am not inspired.
  • Hillside Samplings Topiary IV -- Another Project Spectrum (and Christmas Ornament SAL) project that was not finished in the short time alloted. This one should be easy to finish in 2008.
  • Warm Water Wash -- I liked the pattern a lot better than I liked stitching it. I could finish it next year, but I have to admit it will be down on the lower half of the To Be Done list.
So now where does this leave the list of 2008 goals? I will be conservative, but expansive.
  1. Start Hawaiian Mandala and finish at least 8 of the 12 parts. I've printed out the first part that was published December 1. I have the Silkweaver 32ct opalescent Jazlyn in Polished Brass fabric. (Do you know how BIG a piece of fabric 29" x 29" is? The design is 21" x 21". I'm almost intimidated just looking at it.) I have the full silk and beads kits from European Stitchworks. I will take my first stitches tomorrow. It's a bit scary, but I am not alone. The photo group has six people who who have completed part one. It's very interesting to see the pattern on all types of fabric, from black (recommended) to tan and teal and white.
  2. Finish another Michael Powell piece. I have several of his kits. I just need to decide if I am going to try to stitch a medium sized one or a small one.
  3. Finish Hillside Samplings Topiary IV. That is my smallest WiP/UFO, so I should be able to finish/finish this in a couple of days.
  4. Finish the plastic canvas Christmas ornaments. No more excuses. Just do it.
  5. One exchange or RR piece.
  6. Start and finish Bothy's Cut Thru Rocket. I know this is another semi-large piece, but ever since the SBQ asking what project you would work on if you only had one, I knew I would have to start this one soon.
  7. Finish two ornaments from my collection of JCS ornament magazines. I always buy them. It's time to stitch from them. I really liked the Woodland Snowfall ornament I did this year. I just need to find two more that I like.
  8. Stitch something for my Surprise Birthday partner.
  9. Here's where we go off the stitching reservation. I have ten times as much fabric as I do cross stitch kits and patterns. I need to use some of this stash up now. So I propose the following sewing projects:
  • One apron for my mother-in-law.
  • One purse from my collection of bag patterns.
  • One piece of clothing for me.
  • Make something with the pig cloth I collected for my sister-in-law.
  • Make something with the cow cloth I collected for my niece.
Extra credit:
  1. Finish Flower Fairy. Maybe I should put her in the Goals list, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed.
  2. Finish Warm Water Wash.
  3. Finish French Noel.
OK. That's all. I hope everyone is having a very fine New Year's Eve (and for those of you watching the football bowls -- Go, HAWAII!!)


Chiasmata said...

Happy new year! You had some great finishes in 2007. And some great stash hauls too. :P Good luck with your goals for this year. Hawaiian Mandala will certain be a challenge.

Anna van Schurman said...

I like how you gave yourself extra credit! Good luck. We'll be watching. ;)

Itching To Stitch said...

Kathryn- Your finishes are awesome. I can see you're a Michael Powell fan. I would love to watch you stitch the Rocket piece that you want to start. Very interesting piece, lots of color, which would make it very fun :).

Meari said...

Nice list of finishes. I didn't have any large finishes, either. Good luck with your 2008 goals. :)