Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chipmunk Finished

I generally do not go back and edit my blog posts, but these pictures were so awful that I felt I had to replace them.

It didn't get finished for Christmas, but it did get done before I left. Now I am sitting in the Lexington, Kentucky, airport and waiting for the first leg of our trip back to Las Vegas. Pardon the really fuzzy pictures, but I just took them with my iPhone and didn't have a chance to do my usual Photoshop magic. Here he is completely stitched. (The awful picture has been replaced with one on which you can actually see the stitching.)

This is an image of the start of the outlining. (Actually this replaced picture shows the entire outlining finished.) Unlike most patterns, I really liked doing the outlining. It was easy to follow and came along very quickly. It also makes the images really pop. Everyone in the family seem really impressed. I've even started another pattern, Bent Creek's Boo! Sheep. I just love this little series of cute sheep. I wanted something small so that I could work on it on airplanes and finish it in 2007. This has been my most productive stitching year ever. I am really looking forward to 2008. I have a lot of plans for larger projects next year and some different projects.

This is a picture of the stitching framed. I didn't have time to make it into an ornament, so I quickly framed it with a lovely box frame from Michael's.

Our holidays were very pleasant. A lot of our gatherings centered around memories of the past and watching Grace, our nephew's nine month old daughter. Amy, Grace's mother, had most of the work on Christmas day opening all Grace's presents as well as her own. My nephew and his wife just bought a new house and I had a lot of fun buying her kitchen gear. When I get in the kitchen section of a department store, I almost can't stop buying. Everyone seemed to have a good time and were sad to see us go. Usually we come back here in June, but with the convention we have planned for Las Vegas over the Fourth of July, it is unclear if we will make it back here in 2008. I hope you all had the merriest holidays and had fun with your families.


debijeanm said...

Love the colors in that chipmunk, Kathryn! You're so right, the outlining really brings it out.

Would you share your airline stitchery hints? Last person I saw with her stitchery in an airport said as long as she used children's round-blade scissors, everything else came through security fine. Is that your experience?

Hope you have (had) a safe trip home.

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on the finish! You're right the backstitch really does make this design work.

Sounds like you had a nice holiday break. :) Have fun with your new start, and good luck with your 2008 goals.

tkdchick said...

Great job on the chippy!

Meari said...

He's adorable, Kathryn. Congrats on your finish.

Ruth said...

Oooo, I love the chipmunk! He's too cute for words!!! Congrats on finishing him so quickly.