Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chipmunk Started

So here he is! Oh, don't see a chipmunk here? Well, right. He's that mass of confetti stitching in the center that I decided to save for later. What you do see is the top and side of the birdfeeder that he is sitting in and one branch and leaf of the tree the birdfeeder is hanging from. This fabric is behaving much better than the fabric I used for the opossum, so it is stitching up much faster. I stitched this yesterday and a bit this morning. Now I will have to stop and pack it away until tomorrow.

Tomorrow we get up at o'dark o'clock and head to the airport. LAS to DEN, DEN to BOS and we never leave the airport. The convention is at the Boston Airport Hilton, which makes it convenient, especially since there are several Legal Seafood restaurants in the Boston airport. How much lobster can we eat in two days? We are not taking any luggage, which makes for an interesting packing experience. When we move from house to house we don't need to pack cosmetics, toothbrushes, skin creams, and other personal items. We have supplies in every house. Here we have to get a pile of winter clothes into carry-ons, with all gels, creams, and liquids separated into a plastic bag. I am taking a stripped down stitching kit and finding room for my laptop somehow. I might have a post this weekend, but no pictures. I'm not bringing my camera and card reader. So back I go to cleaning up the house enough for the cat sitter. I need to move the boxes I have been unpacking out of the back hall so the sitter can get to the girl's room and clear off the mail counter in the kitchen to make room for more mail. I'd rather just take a nap and spend this evening stitching. But we will see a lot of our friends in Boston and most of them won't be working on the convention, so plenty of time to talk and hang out. I will have plenty of time to stitch on the plane.


Sweet Pea said...

I just saw the Legal Test Kitchen on Rachel Ray a few weeks ago and it looks like the coolest place. It's supposed to be VERY high tech - so it might be worth a trip.

And I could do a lot of damage with a few days and a pile of lobsters. I love lobster!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

I'll have to take your word about that chipmunk!

Hope the convention goes well as do your flights.

Chiasmata said...

Glad to hear the chipmunk is behaving himself more than the opossum - even if he isn't stitched yet!

I hope your flights go well. No luggage sounds like a real challenge.